How to Add Social Media Links to YouTube Channel

Add Social Media Links to YouTube – YouTube has transformed itself from just a video content platform to social media engagement system where millions of people talk live with their communities and dissipating the knowledge and wisdom.

if you are a YouTube owner, and you are puzzled asking questions like: How do I add a link to my YouTube channel banner? Know that adding social media links on YouTube Channel Banner will help you in increasing the visibility and also gives you a small back link benefit.

So, let’s see how to add/insert social media buttons to the YouTube channel such as Facebook, Twitter, Website Link, Instagram, Reddit or any other.

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How to Add social media links to YouTube banner


Have you ever wondered why so many YouTube account owners get to have their social medial Links on their YouTube account Banner, we are going to give you a detailed guide on how to approach this and be done with it without wasting  much of your time.

The Very processes of Adding Social Media Links to YouTube Channel is actually very easy and stress free and below is a simple guide on How to Add Links on Your YouTube Channel.

  1. Open the
  2. Login with your Google Account.
  3. Click on the top side right side on your profile picture.
  4. A pop-up menu list will open.
  5. Select the option My Channel.
  6. Under the My Channel, you will see two options Customize Channel and YouTube Studio (Beta)
  7. Click on Customize Channel button cum option.
  8. Drag your mouse pointer over Channel Art area and you will find a pencil icon on the top right side click on that.
  9. Select the Edit Links.
  10. Scroll Down and you will find an option Add links.
  11. Now start adding social media links to your YouTueb channel one by one.
  12. It will only allow adding 5 Links maximum.
  13. Once all links are added click on Done button.
  14. Now you will see your social media buttons on YouTube banner.

You can add links for Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms and they will appear on your YouTube Channel.

NOTE: If the Twitter image is not showing simply remove the ‘s’ from https:// and it will work fine. there could be other reasons Why u may not be able to edit your YouTube Channel and link them up on Social Media Links but until you encounter such problems then follow the steps below to get it fixed.

If Edit Links Option is Not Present


There might be times when you might not get the “Edit Links” option there. In order to retrieve that option, simply click on the Settings clog located right next to your Subscribe button option.

Just click on the switch next to “Customize the layout of your channel option” making it blue. Then click on Save. It will do the trick.

After Clicking on Edit Links Option


When you click on Edit Links option you will be redirected to the following About page of your website. There you will have an option to add your social media links.

Just like we said earlier this steps are very easy to come about and we hope you are now able to add your Social Media Links to YouTube Channel banner…

In case you are in anyway confused on how to continue or proceed with the above steps then simply make use our comment section below for more of your questions and observations too.


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