How to Adjust Windows 7 Display Brightness to Save your Battery Life

Do you know that increase of computer’s screen display brightness can be of negative effect in some certain aspects?  Probably, if you ask some computer users they will tell you that they need the screen display to be very bright so to be seeing what they’re doing on the device clearly. But research has explained that this mobility can cause damage to sight once you’re the type that always makes use of the system. So, therefore, I’ve decided to put in place the guideline for you to adjust Windows 7 display brightness to be moderate.

Sometimes you wonder why your Windows system’s battery life tends to decrease when fully charged. Apart from the fact that there are other things which you think might be sucking up your battery, you might practically not know that having your system shinning very bright also contributes to the decrease of your battery. It does not necessarily mean that your system must be shinning very bright before you can be able to see what you’re doing with it clearly. Setting it moderately can also make you see whatever you think you’re doing clearly.

Every charged battery of Windows 7 PC has a stipulated time it is expected to last when fully charged. Sometimes when you charge your new system battery, it won’t give you the guarantee of lasting to your satisfaction. This might get you wondering when you might think that you’ve had everything properly set. But one thing is definitely missing, which is the Display settings. All you need do is to read further below and see the steps you need to take in order to adjust Windows 7 display brightness.

Steps to Adjust Windows 7 Display Brightness

You have to follow the step-by-step method outlined below to perform this task. If your computer is shut down, pick it up and shut it on because you wouldn’t want to miss this tutorial. Pictures have also been inserted to help put you through.

  1. On your Windows home screen, locate the Start button and tap on it.Windows 7 Start button.
  2. Move your cursor to the right, locate and click on the “Control panel” for it to open.Locating the Windows 7 Control Panel.
  3. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the Adjust your Computer’s settings option. You’ll see varieties of options like; System and Security, Network and Internet, Hardware and Sound, Programs, User Accounts and Family Safety, Appearance and Personalization, Clock, Language, and Region, and Ease of Access. Your main focus will be on the “Hardware and Sound” option.Windows 7 Hardware and Sound Options.
  4. In the Hardware and Sound option, you’ll see other related options like; View devices and printers, Add a device, Connect to a projector, Adjust commonly used mobility settings. To follow the shortcut, you just have to tap on the “Adjust commonly used mobility settings” option.Wiindows 7 Adjust Commonly used Mobility Settings Option.
  5. Now, this is where you’ll see Brightness, Volume, Battery Status, Wireless Network, External Display, Sync Center, and Presentation Settings. Just focus on the Brightness option.Windows 7 Mobility Center.
  6. You’ll see that the Brightness option has “Display brightness” on it. Now hold your mouse on it, and move the cursor to reduce the screen brightness.Windows 7 Display Brightness Option.

Now that’s how it’s been done!


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