How to Apply for British Army from Malawi | Commonwealth countries

There is currently an opportunity for those who will like to apply for British army from commonwealth countries. You can learn how to apply for British army from Malawi, Nigeria, Botswana and other commonwealth countries.

The commonwealth countries which are sometimes known as the commonwealth of Nations are those 53 member states that were former territories of the British Empire. A list of them are: Lesotho, Nigeria, Malaysia, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Singapore and others.

The British government however in the time past have welcomed citizens from commonwealth countries to apply at any time for army recruitment job opportunities but under certain conditions.

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According to the commonwealth Recruiter, he said: that the British government are looking for applicants who are physically and mentally fit and can communicate powerfully in speaking and writing English.

So on this page, you shall be learning how to apply for British army from Malawi, Malawi is a commonwealth member country and the requirements we will be listing here is also applicable for other commonwealth of nations member states.

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Requirements for Joining the British Army

  • Age: Age gap is between 16 to 50 years
  • Criminal Convictions: Applicants must be void of any criminal records
  • Medical Conditions: applicants must not have any medical conditions whatsoever.
  • must not have any form of tattoos especially above your collar.

Educational Qualifications

 I want to Join As A Soldier What Qualifications Do I Need?

  • you do not need any specific qualifications to join as a soldier
  • although there are some roles which may require a technical experts, where some qualifications may be considered.

Applying As An Officer

  • You do not as well need any special qualification to apply as an officer
  • except you want to serve as a professional qualified officer
  • however you can start training on time from 18 to become a professional  qualified soldier.

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How to Start Your Application

If you are ready to join now, this is what you should do:

  1. open your browser and log on to British army recruitment portal to find out your entry options.
  2. get a recruiter and find out more on how you can apply successfully
  3. get your assessments done and get ready to start your training.

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