How to Buy Digital Currency via Credit/Debit Cards in the US

For most US customers making use of Android and iOS devices, Coinbase now allows you to make additions and charges directly when you buy digital currency with the use of MasterCard, as well as Visa credit or debit cards. One advantage of this option is the fact that once you make purchases on Bitcoin, your earnings will be credited directly to your account as quickly as possible. Once you’re making this transaction in the US, the procedures required to buy digital currency via credit/debit cards have been properly detailed for you.
Coinbase is a virtual exchange that allows you to buy and sell the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The exchange provides access to three of the world’s ten biggest cryptocurrencies. With the use of Coinbase, not only will you have to buy and sell cryptocurrency, but you’ll be able to gain access to a wallet and merchant services. There are varieties of cryptocurrency exchanges which you can be able to use to make purchases on Bitcoin using credit and debit cards. So it’s better for you to know the procedures required to buy digital currency via credit/debit cards.

What are the Steps Required to Buy Digital Currency via Credit/Debit Cards?

In order to get started, you have to first of all access the Coinbase website in order to get started. After which you’ll see the steps to buy digital currency on the site, and equally using an Android and iOS Coinbase apps.
Processing your Purchasing Status via the Coinbase Website.

  1. In order to activate your digital currency purchases, you’ll first have to click on this link >> payment methods page which will redirect you to the Coinbase page
  2. Then select “Add Payment Method” at the top of the page.
  3. You then have to choose “Credit/Debit Card” on the payment selection.
  4. You’ll be required to complete photo ID verification, once you’ve done that, and then enter your card information on the card verification tab coupled with an addition of a billing address of the card.
  5. You’ll be notified the number of charges that will be made to your card. All you need do is to accept the prompt.
  6. Then login to your cardholder’s account where you can check the charges was made.
  7. Enter the number of charges was made into the Coinbase app.
  8. Once you’ve completed that process, a prompt will appear showing “Credit/Debit Card Added”
  9. You’ll also see the “Buy Digital Currency” icon. This means that you’re now qualified to buy digital currency using the “Buy/Sell” page.

So, anytime you want to buy digital currency using the Buy/Sell page, there are steps required to do so. Now see below:

  1. You’ll have to first go to the Buy/Sell page to purchase the digital currency.
  2. Then enter the amount you want to stake.
  3. Select the card on the payment methods.
  4. Confirm the prompt and click “Complete Buy”

Once you’re done, your digital currency will be sent to your wallet within just a few minutes.

Just like what I said before, there are steps required for both Android and iOS users via the use of the Coinbase app. So if you desire to follow this procedure to purchase the digital currency, then see the steps for both devices below as they have the same steps.

For Android and iOS Users

  1. You need to download the Coinbase app and log in with your user ID.
  2. Go to the Menu icon at the top left corner and select “Buy”
  3. Enter the amount of the digital currency you want to stake.
  4. Then select your card as the payment method.

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