How to Check your Blood Group and Genotype Online

Thanks to technology, you can now learn how to check your blood group and genotype online; the modern world forbids one marrying someone that doesn’t have a compatible blood with you. Aside marriage; making babies and all that

So it’s pertinent to know your blood group so that you can know how it is related to your character/behavior, how it affects your daily habit, how it contributes to your personality. This page will show you how to check your blood group and genotype online. If you don’t know what blood group or Genotype is, then you can learn that also from this page.

What is Blood Group?

Blood group can be defined is a proper classification of blood bazed on the absence and presence of antibodies; based also on the absence or presence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs).

What is Genotype?

Genotype is simply the part of the genetic makeup of an individual, which contributes or rather determines one of its characteristics . It’s the genetic wholeness of a human being.

Blood group and Genotype makes the complete description of human being; you can determine someone’s character, sex and even future by a proper study of the person’s blood group and genotype. You don’t have money to visit the hospital or you don’t like the going? then, this page will be teaching you how to check your blood online.

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Major genotypes are classified below”

  • AA
  • AA
  • AA
  • AS
  • AS

Blood Groups

  1. AB-
  2. AB
  3. B-
  4. A-
  5. O
  6. O-
  7. A
  8. B

Compatible Genotypes

  1. AA + AA = Excellent
  2. AA + AS = Good
  3. AA + SS = Fair

Incompatible Genotypes

  1. AS + AS = Bad
  2. AS + SS = Very Bad
  3. SS + SS = Extremely Bad

Compatible Blood Group

  • A- can receive A-, O-
  • A+ can receive A+, A-, O+, O-



  • B- can receive B-, O-


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  • B+ can receive B+, B-, O+, O-


  • AB- can receive AB-, B-, A-, O-
  • AB+ can receive AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+, O-
  • O- can receive O-
  • O+ can receive O+, O-

How to Check your Blood Group and Genotype Online

It’s not about going to hospital all the time, you can determine or know what is wrong with you per time by observing the signs and symptoms you receive or you feel,  for instance, you know that headache, fever, nausea, cold, bitterness of tongue can be a signs of malaria  here is how to know your genotype:

  • find out your genotype from your parents:  if your father and mother has an AA genotype, there is no need going to hospital to determine your genotype. From the classifications we showed you above, you can only see that an AA gentoype that marries an AA genotyped person, the two can only produce an AA genotyped child. and also , if your patents are AA, AS, you should know that you can only belong to AS genotype or AA, however if you would like to determine the exact one, then you can also do the test by yourself at your comfort zone. See how to do that below

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How to do Genotype Test By Yourself

Go to any health care center or visit online shops like Jumia and others to buy a blood typing kit; Yes! it’s called blood typing kit and it costs about #3600 or $10. You will see an instruction on how to use it, but you will need to dampen various labeled patches on a special card, then cut or prick your finger just the same way you do your sugar level test, and then add a little blood to each patch. Follow the guide written on the pack of the kit to determine your result. By this way, you can be sure of the result you came out with.

I believe this guide will go a long way to helping you, if No, then  be sure that i told you that it’s possible you can go to different hospital to do your genotype test and then have two different results. I have checked my genotype test in a hospital for four times and only two out of the rest said the same thing. So do your genotype test and know the one out of many that is saying the correct thing to avoid making a terrible mistake.

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