How to Create Business Email – Business Email Registration

Have you ever been freaked out because you don’t have an email address? Do you think you don’t appear so professional to your customers just because you don’t have a business email address? You don’t need to worry because this article is all about how to create business email.
A business email address is the address that uses your business’ domain name, such as [email protected] A business email address uses your company’s domain ( and your personal name ( or combination of your first name initials and your last name(
But do you really think that you need a business email? Yes! you do Because it inculcates confidence in your customers and makes your brand to be professional.

Why is it important to create a business email?
There are top reasons why we create business email which includes:

  • Your brand appears professional to your customers: For a business to be taken so serious by known and unknown customers, you need to have a reliable professional branding, which includes email and every of your employee should have that same business domain to maintain the brands loyalty.
  • Customers will give your business respect because of the branding: Do you know that customers are so loyal to business with email than all those generic ones? yes! they do and thats the more reason you should do your business email registration.
  • It increases brand awareness: Once, you create a business email, it will be so easy for the public to be aware of your business and once its done it conveys the interest of customers to do business with you.

How to Create a Business Email

There are many email address providers/ web hosting provider out there with a cost. A web hosting provider is the place your website files are reserved. Normally, a domain name will cost you $14.99 per year and the price of the web hosting service starts from $7.99/ month but you can get a free business from Bluehost and Zoho. Bluehost allows five free email addresses and a free domain with their $2.95/ month web hosting package and this makes it a great idea for you that is in need of a business email.
So, we will teach you how to create business email using bluehost, you have to follow these steps accordingly.

STEP 1: Create a domain name

  • Go to the bluehost website where you will sign up for their hosting service and equally register a domain name for your business. Click on “Get Started” button to select a hosting plan.

How to Create Business Email


Bluehost offers three consecutive hosting packages to its customers which are basic, plus, and choice plus whereas all these plans provides for you free email service and a free domain.

How to Create Business Email

NOTE: The basic and plus plans are meant for bloggers, startups, and small businesses.So, choose a plan you need and click on “select” to move to the next step.

  • In the next interface, you will be given the permission to register your free domain name. Remember that a domain name represents your business so that you make use of your brand or company name for your domain registration.
    Therefore, enter your preferred name in the text box, select a domain extension, and click next.
    If your preferred domain name is already registered by someone else, Bluehost will suggest for you some other alternative names.

NOTE: Don’t use hyphens(-) and numbers in your domain name.
Once, a domain name is registered and available, you will be taken to where you will provide various informations to Bluehost regarding your account creation.
The informations they require from you are divided into 4: account information, package information, package extras, and payment information
Account information needs your personal details, package information permits you to select the account plan while payment information is for you to provide your payment info to purchase your Bluehost hosting account.

  • Once is done, Click on the check box to accept their terms and conditions, then click on “submit”
    Congratulations, you have successfully create your domain name for your business.

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STEP 2: Create an email account

We’ve followed the steps for registering a domain name and we’ve successfully done that so lets create a business email address

How to Create Business Email

  • Log on to your Bluehost account and click on Email $ office tab on the left side bar. A page will open up showing all the domain names, whether you have a single or multiple domains, click on manage immediately you find your business domain.
  • Click on create button, on the right hand side of the next platform and that will lead you to “create an email account” page.
  • How to Create Business Email
    Here, you will enter your username and password. Your username is likely to be your name and make it sweet and short. You can also create an email address for your staff or department. When it comes to password, you should enter a strong password because it is the most sensitive part, your email is shown to the public so if you have a strong password it can’t be scammed. Let it be the combination of letters, numbers and symbols if possible.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click “create”.

Wow, bravo because you have passed the second stage of creating an email address for your business.

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STEP 3 Access your email account

Most importantly, you have to access your inbox for sending, receiving and reading emails.

How to Create Business Email

  • Go to Bluehost dashboard and click on Email $ office
    Find your domain name and click manage.
    Click on check email to access your inbox. It will take you to anew page where you will choose a webmail application like Microsoft Outlook 2010 for windows.
    Select any of them to open your email account inbox. You can now compose a mail, read new emails, or delete the existing ones.

Congratulations, because your business will be respected by many customers and you can easily tell any of your customers your email where they can give you suggestions, rate your business and even need your help regarding your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. What are the most common business email address formats
    Notably, business email address use the employee’s first name, last name, first initial and last name or combination of last and first names. Example; the one with first name only is [email protected] or the one with first initial and last name, [email protected]
  2. What are the best business email providers
    Like we said earlier, to choose any email provider depends solely on your preferences and type of business, though its good to get the best so that it will give you an affordable price, reasonable amount of storage and with relevant features, thats why we recommended Zoho and Bluehost for you as they are the most reliable and affordable webhost.

For more questions, use the comment box below and we will attend to it immediately.

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