How to Create Account – Get Free SEO Plugins & Premium Themes is an online shop that specializes in WordPress plugins, scripts and themes. All products listed on the site are tested and trusted.

On this page, I’ll be showing you how to signup/create account fast. But before then let’s make a brief review about Most especially why I prefer buying stuffs here.

Re-Fund Policy

It’s 100% risk-free. If the product(s) don’t work as shown on our demo websites, email the support team within 30 days, and we’ll happily refund your full payment promptly and courteously. Your money is completely refundable.

Theme and Plugin Updates

Update will always come as their products are available with one year of premium support and updates, and it is mentioned on the landing pages as well.

However, anything you download can be used for the lifetime on your website for which you purchased the product. There is a nominal renewal fee per year for receiving updates and support after one year has lapsed, but you can cancel that at any time.

Download and Installation Guides

Unlike some other platforms I have purchased theme from, they lack proper instalation guide. But here they provide even with official videos to help you through.

You get documentation and video of any product you buy so you learn how it works and how to configure the product you buy.

Free Stuff

Once you’ve created account, even without buying stuff yet, you still have the privileges of getting free themes and plugins. This is one amazing part about this platform.

Since I created an account, I’ve downloaded lots of good SEO plugins for free and themes too.

What I Personally Do Not Like About Theme

Their themes and login selections are prity good. But must of the products they offer are recourring payment. That is, if you want to be getting supports and updates.

So, every year one has to pay for using the product to get more recent updates and support. And the bigger the package selected the higher the yearly fee you expect to pay.

Even though the yearly payment is usually lesser than the initial purchase price. This is one of the ways ThemeForest.Net is gaining ground more and more than all other WordPress e-shops. you own for life any product purchased from their shop.

Although also charges for support fee of about 50$ for 6months. But you will regularly get your recent updates of any product you purchase (no fee attached).

Another thing you will notice is that themes or plugins on myThemeShop grants you a limited number of use.

At first, while buying you have to select how many sites to use it on. And from their settings they have packaged their prices base on; 1-site use, 5-sites use and 10-sites use. Unlike ThemeForest again, once you purchase a product, you can use it on as many websites you desire, without any limitation.

But come to think of it, it’s better to get updates on a regular bases than buying a product the vendor has abandoned (lacking updates). Because at the end one reason or the other will make you never to use such product again.

Here are Guides on How to Create Account

Create Account Page
This is a screenshot from, showing how the registration form looks like.

STEP 1: New Account Registration

  • Log on to the official website
  • The signup form pops up
  • Now you can either use a Facebook account or Google account to login/sign up fast. Or enter your name and email to sign up. Please note that any of the process you have decided to you will apply that you agree with the myThemeShop terms and condition.
  • After you have taken that decision and completed the required process, if you use an email to create account then visit your email address and confirm your registration to complete the process.
  • Congratulations! you have complete the myThemeShop registration process.

STEP 2: Making Commission (Earning)

Of cours, everyone wants to make money. myThemeShop give an opportunity to earn up to $41.30 for sharing the affiliate link generated for you.

This isn’t a must though, but considering the fact that is a popular online shopping platorm for selling WordPress Products (themes and Plugins), and the list good products then you have to share to earn this cash.

Also considering that Millions of people uses the WordPress platform to create their free website. Then you should see the potential of sharing and earning from the $41.3.

WordPress users whats working products that make their sites lite-weight, SEO tools to rank on search engine results and increase social engagement, make a good looking website WITHOUT CODING… Then is one of the best online marketplaces to get your stuff.

SO if you have decided to share to earn then click the affiliate link to copy of below it click/tap the Facebook, Twitter, or can email a friend to buy anything using the link so you could earn a decent commission from their registration and purchase.

STEP 3: Buy Your First Product (Theme and Plugns)

Before you will be able to buy anyting from the site, you have to make sure to have confirmed your registration.

Then you may proceed to login your account using your email.

You should see the list of free and premium plugins and themes listed on the page when you login your myThemeShop account.

click to expand/view or get more information about any item you are interested to use.

If it’s a premium then click the buy button. But if free, you will be directed with a steps to download and install the item you have selected. Same process applies to premium after a successful purchase.

You see the full review of what you are paying for. On this page also you can redeem your coupon to get a discount.

Then click on “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” to complete transaction.

The payment page requires that you use PayPal for your purchase. Without a PayPal you can’t buy from site.

You’ll should receive an email from mythemeshop once the payment is completed and successful. The email contains download link of the product purchased, and your download page dashboard of your account.


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