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Shazam helps to discover your best possible contents when it comes to music, videos, advertising, and TV shows. One of the things that make it so unique is that it can identify prerecorded music which is being showcased from any source, whether via a Radio, Television, Cinema, or even Club Music. So, whenever you hear a good music from any of these sources, all you need to do is to click on your Shazam in order to get information about the song and its location. To get started, you need to first learn how to create Shazam account.

There are many things that Shazam can help you with. It helps you with the preview of songs so as to add them to Spotify lists, helps to view any music lyrics for you, and also to view YouTube videos for any song you search for. You’re also eligible to follow your favourite artists and see what they’re shazaming if you want to. This enables you to keep up-to-date about any new singles, albums, and videos being reduced by those favourite artists which you follow.

Luckily for you, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to purchase your ticket in order to see your favourite artists perform in live concerts. If you sign up for the free version, you’re only eligible to search for about five songs in a month only. As for the premium version, you’ll be charged around $5 to search for unlimited songs of your choice. So, therefore, you just have to read below and see the necessary guideline required for you to create Shazam account.

Steps to Create Shazam Account

Irrespective of the kind of device you’re using, signing up for Shazam is free. Just follow the steps provided for you below.

  1. You’ll first have to visit which is the main Shazam website.
  2. Once the site appears, you have to click on “Log In” or “Sign Up” located at the top of the screen to get started. 
  3. After that, you’ll be presented with two signup options; either to sign up with your Facebook or Email.
  4. If you choose Facebook, then you need to enter your login details via your Facebook account. But if you choose Email, you’ll then have to enter your email address and password. You have to note that if you select an email address, it cannot be changed on your Shazam account.
  5. After that, you’ll then have to go to your mail inbox to check the confirmation email been sent to you, and then click “Confirm.” If you don’t click on that link, it will expire after one day. And again, if you didn’t receive any confirmation email, just enter your Shazam account and click “Send again” to receive another code.
  6. Finally, when you log into your new Shazam account, you’ll see new existing Shazams waiting for you.  

Note: You have to note that your Shazams are saved to your account when you sign up either with Facebook or Email. And you can only save your Shazams to one account. So, therefore, anytime you create a new Shazam account, all your saved Shazam can’t be transferred or saved to your new account.

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