How to Create Telegram Messenger Account | Telegram App Download

When it comes to Instant Messaging with a super-fast, simple and secure type of Messaging across all devices, Telegram Messenger has got what it takes in the new era of IM. Most of us are familiar with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and other Social Networks, but Telegram should also be looked into because it is also a Messenger with a difference. In this article, we will look at How to Create Telegram Messenger Account and have a simple and secure chat with friends and family.

Most people will want to know how or what this Instant Messenger can offer Comparing to the Known and regularly used Whatsapp. Though they are all Messaging platform they have their Differences, below we have analyzed the difference between Telegram and Whatsapp for your simple understanding.

Compared to Whatsapp, the Telegram messenger stores your messages in the cloud and you can easily access it from many devices (Sync Seamlessly). And you can share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files in different formats Including Mp3, Zip, doc, etc. The most interesting part of the telegram is that when you can not store large files on your device, you can store it in the cloud and get access to it anytime from another device; Computers, Tablets, etc

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Telegram is very easy to use and the registration process is free, it contains no ads and no subscription fee is required. That’s Great Right?

What more can be said but to take a look at the account creation process so that we can see great features of the Telegram Messenger for ourselves.

How to Create Telegram Messenger Account | Telegram App Download

Before you sign up for Telegram, You must first download the app on your device; below are the necessary steps to be taken to download and sign up for Telegram Account.

  • Click on any of the links below to download Telegram for your suitable device
  1. Click Here to Download Telegram For Android
  2. Click Here to Download Telegram For iOS
  • After a successful download on any of your device, open the app
  • A “Start Messenger” option pops up, click on it.
  • Select your Country
  • Then enter your mobile phone number
  • Then Click on Next to confirm your phone number.telegram1
  • An SMS with a code will be sent to the phone number, enter the code in the space provided to confirm your Telegram account registration

After your Phone Number has been confirmed, then you will be logged in automatically. Then Telegram will do the rest, by searching out your Contacts who are on Telegram and you can start chatting with them.

Telegram Messenger Account Logout

Remember that you are automatically logged in after the account creation process, So for you to Logout each time you are done with chatting, follow these steps below.

For Android Device – Go to Your Telegram Settings > Logout.

For iOS device – Go to Your Telegram Settings > Edit > Logout.

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What do you think about the Telegram Messenger? Kindly use the COMMENT BOX below to Share your thoughts with us. And Feel free to Share How to Create Telegram Messenger Account on your Social Media Account So that Friends can also Know and Possibly Join the Instant Messaging Platform. THANKS


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