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The Yahoo! mail has been something of a welcome development which guarantees swift access connection to users since its set-up. If you’re to have an access to this mail service, it’s quite cool because it tends to help you send and receive messages. Not only that, you can be able to chat with someone and also share files online via the use of the mail service. There’s no limitation to vicinities on Yahoo mail set-up, which is why no matter where you are you can be able to register for your own account. This page is just the right one for you to create Yahoo mail account.

Since its creation, this email service has racked up a remarkable growth prior to the number of users it now has. The reason is simply as a result of its good performance which is based on affordable service to users. One other performance the mail service currently boasts of is its ability to re-access abuse patterns in the registration of usernames in order to steer away from any form of spam and fraudulent activities. Not only that, gaining access to this mail service gives you the opportunity to rack up-to 1000 GB free storage that will help you to send and equally receive large attachments without the use of a Google Drive.

So, therefore, there’s no need for you to take the further delay and just read below as this site has prepared for you the required procedure that steps that will guide you in order to create Yahoo mail account.

How to Create Yahoo Mail Account

Follow the steps below and get it started:

  1. The first step for you take is to go to the official sign up page of Yahoo mail @ and click on “Sign up.”Yahoo Sign in Page
  2. You’ll be required to fill out your personal information like your Phone number, first name, last name, Email address, password, and Date of Birth, and your gender which is optional. After which you’ll have to click on “Continue.”Yahoo Sign up First Page

Note: Your email address is your profile recognition on the Yahoo mail account, so you need to choose a defined email address, for instance ( In some cases, you’ll be provided with a bunch of alternative email address to choose from.

Prior to your password, you’ll need to provide a strong password with up to 8 letters and above in order to secure your Yahoo mail account.

  1. The next step is where you have to verify your phone number by clicking on “Text me an account key.” You have to make sure the phone number you’re using to sign up is active because the account key will be sent to your number inform of a 5-digit number.Yahoo Number Verification Page
  2. The next page that appears is where you’ll have to input the 5-digit number been sent and click on “Verify.”Yahoo Confirmation Code Page
  3. Finally, you’ll see a page that will show you that your account has been successfully created, and then you have to click “Continue.”Yahoo Successful Account Creation Page

After a successful account creation, your account homepage will then appear where you’ll be accessing your Yahoo mail account. See what it will look like below.

Yahoo Mail Account Homepage

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