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With several kinds of mail accounts now on deck currently, it has been something of a choice to choose from any type of email address. Irrespective of the fact, one thing still remains the fact “All still serves as a message link”. So even if you’re making use of Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hush Mail, etc, you still stand the chance to know how to create Yandex mail account.

Upon your registration process, you’ll need to make sure that the number you’re providing is quite active and remains the one you’re most familiar so as to keep your account on track. And equally, providing a genuine email address automatically serves as your username. Emails sent to this address will end up in your Yandex Mail inbox. The address will stop working if you disable the alternative username and unlink the number from the account.

There’s also what is called an alternative username, which allows you to still access your old mailbox even if you already have a new one. There is the prospect of you accessing both mailboxes where the old one remains your alternative address. You’ll learn the steps required to create Yandex mail account here.

Guideline to Create Yandex Mail Account

Before you know the steps involved in this setup, it’s important that you know the vital tips associated with the features of this account.

Vital Tips

  1. You have to bear in mind that your email address will have the name you decide to choose with the Yandex website attached to it, for instance;
  2. Not only that, if you want to provide a password, you have to make sure that you provide a password that is not easily guessed by hackers just like your DOB, Phone number, or even any familiar number, etc. If you use a simple password, Yandex will have to alert you that your password is too simple. That’s just how essential it is to make sure your password is that hard-nut-to-crack like both upper and lower case letters.
  3. If there’s any case where you used your mobile number like (+1 223 895 71 54) as your alternative username, you’ll have to enter just the phone number without the country’s number code (223 895 71 54) anytime you want to log in.

Steps Required Creating an Account

The following steps below will help you create an account so as to gain access to Yandex.Mail.

  1. What you need to do is to click here >>> the registration page.
  2. After which you have to enter your information like your name, surname, login username, and password. The username is what you’ll use to login to your Yandex account. While you’ll have to create a unique password which is easy for you to remember and not easily hacked.
  3.  You’ll then have to provide your mobile number. This number can be used to restore your password. But if you decide not to add your mobile number, you just have to select “I don’t have a phone”, where a security notification will be sent to you. Enter the characters been provided for you and proceed.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions, and allow the site to access your personal data.
  5. Finally, click “Register”.

Note: Once you already created a username, there are no means for you to change it, otherwise you’ll have to create a new Yandex account.

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