How to do Facebook Account Regsitering Free

Let’s quickly show you how to do facebook account registering free; do you have an android phone, Tablet, iPhone, Blackberry or even PC? then follow our lead as we guide you through opening a new Facebook account.

I believe you have clocked 18 years or probably above that; Congratulations! for you now have the legal right to have any social media account or even online dating account. I can remember when i was little i have always wished to reach 18 so that i can do anything  i want.

Now, to create a new facebook account, you will be needing any of these phones that we showed you  above or some other smartphones, this is to gain proper access to the network.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site that has above 1 billion users all over the world; many people use the site to make friends, learn languages, advertise their products, make friends, find partners, read news and latest happenings; some other fellow create business facebook accounts for business purposes. Alright we don’t want to know why you want to do facebook account registering, but i believe you will be happy you did.

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How to do Facebook Account Registering on Android 

Follow the steps below to create your own facebook account:

Step One

Open any browser of your choice in your device and log on to Facebook website at

Step Two

Ones you open it; you will see a form displayed for you, you are expected to fill up the form correctly.

Step Three

In the form, you are to choose a name of your choice, make sure you choose a nice name, don’t try using a name that you’ll want to change later.  For instance as a girl you can choose something juicy like: QueenB or Princess etc. then as a guy you can choose names like Prince Donald, LordKings and the rest.

Step Four

Ones you are done entering a name, you now enter your mobile phone number at the provided space, if you don’t have a phone yet you can enter an email address and if you don’t have that yet, then you can register yahoo account or other email account right away, it is also free to do.

Step Five

enter a password of your choice and make sure you use something that you can remember, select your date of birth and your gender and click on sign up.

Congratulations! your facebook account is now ready for use, now go on to accept some friend request immediately.

Facebook Login Free

  1. go to
  2. enter your password and username
  3. click on login.

You’ve learnt all the necessary things for facebook account registering free, go on now to teach others how to do so.


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