How to Download Microsoft Store on PC – App Installer for PC

Microsoft store is an app installer for Windows 10 that makes it easier for you to download windows app for your PC. Learn now how to download Microsoft store on PC so that you can do that all the way. And do you know? Microsoft store offers you the opportunity to download many games, trailing videos, applications, devices and Microsoft edge extensions for your PC.
This windows app installer was published by Microsoft corporation and its a notable and reliable store where you can download both free store app and non-free packages also. Do you know that you can inspect any app package before downloading? Yes! before you download any app, games, trailing videos, devices and edge extensions, you are given the permission to freely inspect them and know their capabilities and their usage for your PC.

More so, if there is any problem in this Microsoft store while you are installing the app or any problem in the app you have downloaded you can consult them and seek their guidance; these features of this apk only, made it an outstanding store. Remember,Microsoft Store can access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs, and your data connections. It also supports many languages like; English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Arikaans(Suid-Afrika) etc

However, you can sign in with your email account or your Facebook account depending on the one that is preferable by you. Downloading video is just an easy task but not all are free. However, when it comes to edge extensions you can launch, download and install million of them depending on how many you want.

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Features of Microsoft store

  1. Installation of multiple apps at once
  2. Inspection of app packages before installing
  3. Any app you want to download, you can see the app publisher, version and capabilities
  4. You can launch apps immediately after installation
  5. If there is any problem, you can get help guidance freely
  6. Downloading videos are also allowed
  7. It also permits you to download many devices like gaming PCs, surface laptops, Xbox and other PC accessories.

How to Download Microsoft Store

  1. Log on to any web browser you can download from and enter Microsoft Store on their search space
  2. Click on Download Microsoft Store
  3. Navigate to download page and click on GET
  4. Once downloaded, click on launch
  5. Immediately you’ve launched, double click on the app and sign up with your email or facebook account.

Now, you can easily download and install any app or video, also buy many accessories and devices
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