How to Download VidMate App for Free | Video Downloader App

Many people are so addicted to watching movies that it later became their hobby to always update themselves on the latest movies in the media. There are many apk that you can watch video on it like youtube, Iroko tv, VLC player etc. These apk mentioned above are meant for watching movies, what of downloading ? VidMate! is the answer and thats why you will learn how to download vidmate app for free.

Vidmate is an an android app that allows you to download any of your favorite videos, series, music videos, comedies, and short videos from its platform. Interestingly, you can also watch any of the above mentioned videos in that app without downloading them. It also suggests for you any latest and popular comedies, videos, music videos etc whenever you open the app for you to choose from any and watch.

However you don’t need any monthly subscription for you to use this app rather it demands only your data connections for all the activities performed on it. Status videos are also featured on this app. This is where you download 30 minutes videos that you upload on your whatsapp status to help you update your whatsapp status and also entertain your whatsapp friends.

In this app, you can find many interesting music videos like: hip-hop, rock, pop, Bollywood musics, Punjabi and so on. This app has million users worldwide which makes it a popular app for downloading. Moreover, sports fans are not excluded. You can update yourself on latest tips on sports using this reliable apk.

Now, could you believe that you can watch news on this app? Yes! you can. Whenever you open this app, latest news are there for you to pick and watch.
Once you download this app, it shows you notifications on new and popular videos and musics.

 Features of VidMate App

  • Download videos for free
  • Allows you to watch videos online (if you don’t want to download)
  • You can also watch short videos
  • It gives you permission to search any video of your choice
  • You can download popular music videos anytime
  • It allows you to download bollywood musics of your choice
  • It also permits you to download live sports on footballs, volleyball, races etc
  • Allows you to download various comedies anytime.
  • You can download status videos that you can upload on your whatsapp status.

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How to Download VidMate App for Free

At first, we will show you how to download Vidmate App for free on Google Play Store. The steps to follow on downloading this app goes like this:

  1. Log on to Google Play Store and enter VidMate on the search space
  2. Once the result is out, tap on vidmate app
  3. Go to the download page and tap on download
  4. Immediately this app is downloaded, accept their terms and conditions, then tap on Install
  5. You now have the right to access this app anytime.

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Secondly, you can also download VidMate app in any website of your choice.

  1. Go to any web browser and log on to
  2. Navigate to the download page and tap download
  3. Once downloaded, accept their terms and conditions then install

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