How To Easily Navigate Through – Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts can help for easy navigation on the Platform, especially for those who love to use their keyboards for Navigation. Here your Will learn the Easy Keys you can Press on your PC to get to where you want on Facebook.

If you are looking for the Shortcut keys to search, comment on selected posts, make a new post, like or unlike selected posts and more on Facebook, Then carefully study each key listed in this article and its function.

Facebook truly has shortcuts/access keys and these shortcuts can only work if you aren’t in a text box.

NOTE: Different web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome may have different keyboard shortcuts.

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

  • J and K – Scroll between News Feed stories
  • enter/return – See more of the selected story
  • P – Post a new status
  • L – Like or unlike the selected story
  • C – Comment on the selected story
  • S – Share the selected story
  • O – Open an attachment from the selected story
  • / – Search
  • Q – Search chat contacts
  • ? – Open a list of these keyboard shortcuts while in News Feed

How To Easily Navigate Through

  1. Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
  2. Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
  3. Safari for Mac:control + option + #
  4. Firefox for Mac:control + option + #
  5. Chrome for Mac:control + option + #
  6. Chrome for PC: Alt + #

Use the Shortcut below to replace the Hash – # from the combinations above with the number key for where you want to go. E.g. You can press control + option + 2 to go to your notifications

  • 0 – Help
  • 1 – Home
  • 2 – Timeline
  • 3 – Friends
  • 5 – Notifications
  • 6 – Settings
  • 7 – Activity Log
  • 8 – About
  • 9 – Terms

For any question on Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts, simply let us know via the COMMENT BOX below. Also, Feel Free to share on your Social media Account so that those looking for these shortcuts can also know about it.


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