How to Enable Whatsapp Biometric Authentication for iOS

Whatsapp Biometric Authentication for iOS – WhatsApp authentication feature has been one of the highly anticipated upcoming feature for WhatsApp users.

The authentication feature essentially allows users opt for FaceID or TouchID authentication for opening the WhatsApp app on their iOS devices and even choose the time-frame after which their WhatsApp app will again be locked with the biometric authentication feature.

In addition to allowing both Touch ID and Face ID based authentication, you will also have the option to use a passcode to unlock WhatsApp.

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How does it work?

With this new biometric authentication feature for iPhone device, all Whatsapp users can now lock the messaging app by the use of native Face ID or Touch ID.

WhatsApp Authentication

Also understand that the new feature only secures your Whatsapp on launching, and doesn’t extend the biometric feature to your individual WhatsApp conversations.

It works smartly, ensuring all your conversations are totally secured. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp for Android will also get the feature some time later, this is just rumors.

How to Enable Whatsapp Biometric Authentication

You can follow the steps below in order that you enable your Whatsapp Biometric Authentication:

1. Launch your Whatsapp

2. Go to Settings

3. Then Account

4. And then Privacy

5. Scroll to ‘Screen Lock’

6. Choose either Face ID or Touch ID

7. Choose the requirement immediately or after an interval of a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.

NOTE: The passcode based unlock kicks in only when you are unable to authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID, as the case may be.

Further, you can also set the time duration after which the app gets locked. These options include “immediately”, “after 1 minute”, “after 15 minutes”, and “after 1 hour”.

If you lock your device using the power button, you will be asked for your FaceID or Touch ID, every time you open the WhatsApp app on your device.

Also know that WhatsApp still allows users to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls, without requiring biometric authentication.

Now that you have learnt how to go about enabling the WhatsApp authentication feature with biometric app lock on iOS,

You can now give it a trial and get back to us Using our comment section below for more inquiries…

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