How to Generate Twitter Account | Login Twitter

How to Generate Twitter Account -Twitter is one of the strongest social network site in the world, it has more than 500 million active registered users all over the world. Whether you are planning opening an account for personal use or for your company; the company (twitter) serves you well, but joining twitter requires few things which you need to know; so that is why we have packaged this guide to help you.

This guide on how to generate twitter account will help you to know the basic things you need, the site to go to, the portal to login from and so on. Now before we go down the rain of opening an account; you will need to know that, there is need you observe the terms and conditions.

one of the terms says, you must be at least 18 years or above before you can start twitter, even other things being equal, however this does not in anyway mean that your account will not be opened if you are less than but that’s what the policy says. Alright! lets get started.

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How to Generate Twitter Account

Step One

Open your browser and log on to twitter website at

Step Two

Click on sign up, to take you to the sign up page

How to Generate Twitter Account

Step Three

At this page you will enter your name and your mobile phone number; in doing this make sure you give them the number that you have at hand, because they are going to be sending you a code on it later. Click On Next.

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Step Four

Click on sign up to accept their terms, policies and conditions (this is very compulsory) also click on sign up again

Step Five

Ones you click on sign up; you will see an impromptu message notifying you of their interest to send you a verification code.  Click on OK to accept.

How to Generate Twitter Account

Step Six
Now, a code will be sent to you, collect the code and paste at the provided column, make sure you enter it correctly.

Step Seven

enter a password of your choice and then click on next; now your account will be active. but it’s not all, you need to select an area that interest you like: News, music,sports etc and then follow up suggested friends.

At this point, you now have a twitter account; you can now explore around your account to see what twitter is all about. Remember it’s a social networking site which means you can make friends and chat for free.

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You can now learn how to sign into twiter; the registration steps is different from the sign in steps; this time you will not be needing any details data, so:

  1. log on to
  2. click on login
  3. enter your twitter username and password
  4. click on sign in.

Twitter Download App Apk on iPhone, Android, PC, BB, Tablet

Twitter has an app that covers almost all the phone types, so locate the app stores to download twitter app apk into your device. For android phone users, you can  use the google play store to download app, you can also visit other online website that can offer it for you free.

Twitter Messenger 2018

Twitter upgrades it’s app at all times, so ones your twitter app expires, you should try and upgrade; Similarly, if twitter releases new update, you should also get the latest update, it can help you to be up to date with all twitter features.

Now we are sure, you’ve learnt how to generate twitter account, you can now subscribe to our blog to learn very well all the account sign up details


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