How to Hide Files in Android Phones | Step-by-step Guide

Have you ever thought of not displaying all your files so friends can’t have access to it? Sometimes when you give your phone to someone, that person might just start accessing other things without your permission thereby giving your phone no room for privacy. This situation will even result in the vulnerability of your private files. As the case may be, you might just be thinking how you can be able to make those files invisible right at the moment so that it can only be seen by you. You don’t need to bother as this site has prepared for you ways whereby you can be able to hide files in Android phones.

There are important files like documents, audios, photos, videos, apps which you can be able to hide in order to guarantee its privacy. There are two methods which you will use to hide files in Android phones, one being the use of your device’s file manager, and the other via the use of a lock app. Even though you use any of the methods, both are effective and guarantees affordable privacy to your files. So without further talks, I’m going to show you the easy steps on how you can be able to hide files in Android phones.

Methods to Hide Files in Android Phones without App

Just like I said before, there are about two methods that will guide you towards this, whereby each has their respective steps. See below:

Using the File Manager

  1. The first step to take is to go to your device’s File Manager or use any file manager of your choice.
  2. Then the next step is to view the file or folder you want to hide.
  3. After that, you’ll then have to go to the options icon and tap on “Rename.”
  4. What you’ll now do here is that when you want to rename the file or folder, you just have to add just a dot (.) before the file’s name and click “done.”
  5. Once it’s done, you’ll see that the file will then appear invisible-like kind of unclear, thereby moving upwards in the list indicating that it’s now a hidden file.
  6. Then after that, still go to the options icon and tap on “Hide hidden files.”

That’s just how quick and easy it is!

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Note: If you want the file to be seen, you just have to go to the options icon and tap on “Show Hidden Files.” You can also remove the file/folder from the Hidden File mode via still clicking on the options icon and rename the file by removing the dot (.) you inserted on it at first.

Using an App Lock

  1. Firstly, you just have to kick-start by downloading a file locker app, for instance; Vault app, Gallery Lock app, Keep Safe app lock, etc.
  2. Then after the installation, you just have to create a PIN which you’ll use to secure your files.
  3. After that, you’ll then have to add files like photos, documents, videos, etc, to the app’s lock.

This method is just so easy also!

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