How to Improve Good Reading Skills | Improving reading skills

Reading is just an act of trying to learn new things from a written knowledge done by someone else either by a professional or an experienced person. Going through a book can’t be reading but when you read and understand is the best way to read. Reading and understanding at same time can be difficult thats why we want you to know how to improve good reading skills.

You can’t just wake one day, pick up a book and start reading. We read for some reasons and they include:

Reasons for Reading

  • Reading to learn new words that words we knew but don’t understand
  • People read to relax, learn and have fun
  • To improve your focus and memory, just read.
  • Reading is part of exercise we give to our brains apart from thinking. Reading makes you to be versatile – to know about many countries, many stories, people’s way of life and how to live your life.

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How to Improve Good Reading Skills

For you to make reading your hobby you have to possess good skills for reading, without it you won’t fun while reading. So we will quickly show you the steps to follow so as to increase and improve your reading skills

  1. Know your reading level and your level of books: For you to improve the efficiency of your reading you have to know the kind of books that you can read and understand,  know the level of impacts you brain can carry. Check if the information in the book you want to read is relevant. Pick the ones your eyes caught first that will interest you because only the book you are not forced to read is the only book you can understand.
  2. Find the perfect time and place to read: For you to concentrate in your reading you must go to a place that will not distract you. Going to a library is not a bad idea because its a perfect place for reading, if your residence or the place you are is always quiet, you can stay there. Time yourself and know when your apartment will be cool or when your area will be so cool and convenient for reading.
  3. Keep a notebook beside you: You must not know everything in the book you want to read because you read to know new words and known words that you don’t know the meaning. While reading, there is no way that you can memorize all the words you come across rather get a notebook and pen that you will write down all context, highlighted, new, confusing words in that book.
  4. Skim and scan before you read:Firstly, you have to skim you book. Skimming is just glancing over your proposed book without fully reading it just to get an idea of what you want to read.

         How to skim

  • Start from reading the book’s title and the first paragraph on the first page.
  • Read all the headings and subheadings
  • Check out words in bold, italic, pictures and lists
  • Try to understand where, who, when, why and what the book is all about
    NOTE: Don’t spend time on skimming – five minutes at most.

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Scanning is when you try to know the summary of that text, relevant questions of that book, the introduction or preface of the text, and the book index.

4. Start your detailed reading: Now, you have to start from the beginning and read every words bit by bit, read and understand. When you got stuck reading one sentence and still you don’t understand it, the only remedy to that is; try to not understand each word rather try to understand what they mean together.

5. Learn sight words: Sight words are common words that appear often in texts of some write ups, words that your eyes caught up with while reading and you’re unable to understand it. When you meet these kind of words try to write them down in your notebook for reference purposes.

6. Use your imaginations while reading: Don’t try to translate all you read to your language because you might not be able to get it right due to English doesn’t rhyme with our languages rather just imagine what you read. Take it as if you are watching a movie in a cinema, it will help a lot.
7. Test your understanding: To understand any text, you have to read meaning to it, ask questions and answer them as well and try to summarize what you read in your notebook.

These techniques will help you a lot in reading effectively, understanding and improving your reading skills.

How to improve on your reading speed

It is more important to improve your reading skills than your reading speed because there is no way you will understand while reading fast if you don’t learn how to understand first.

To learn how to read fast is also important because you wont keep on wasting time on one book if you want to aim high and be versatile as well, thats why you will learn how to also read faster. We will quickly show you how to do so:

  1. Time yourself: Check how many words you can read per minute, know how long it takes you to read pages of a book. It will help you to know when you are slow, fast, faster and even when you are the fastest in reading various materials. While learning to improve your reading speed, use same text so as to master you so well on how to read fast, then when you are perfect you can use other books.
    Remember, speeding is not about how fast you read but how fast you read and understand so note that. If you can read three articles at two hours but don’t understand any just know that you didn’t read.
  2. Don’t read the words one by one: Taking the words one by one will waste time, rather try to fix your eyes to 4 – 5 words in a line at a time. it is easy for your eyes to fix 4 to 6 words at a time but the main thing is , do you understand them?
  3. Don’t sub-vocalize: There is a voice that you always hear in your head when you read. Do you know that voice is much slower than your fastest reading speed? Yes! it slows you down. Try to silence that word, is so easy to say but is the hardest thing to do, so try your best to stop reading with your head, it will help to improve your speed in reading.

Am happy you learn’t how to improve your reading skills from this article, no matter the type of reading you want to embark on, these knowledge you got from this article will help you a lot.

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