How To Join Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria – Jumia, Konga Affiliate Program

If you’ve been Looking for a way to Join Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria, Then you are welcome as we will be tutoring you on Jumia and konga Affiliate Program. Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria are the most common ways to make Money Online and Knowing the Fact that Most People Prefer Buying from this Online Markets makes one realize how big it is to Make Money affiliating with them.

With a platform to reach out to People, you can Make the coolest money you want online When People Visit and make purchase via the Links you give to them. If you own the Following Platforms;

  • A Blog/Website
  • Social Network Platform then you are good to go in making money online from Jumia Or Konga Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Though there are other programs your can partner with – but for familiarity Sake, Most of us have been hearing about Jumia and Konga, Therefore we bet it’s a Better Place to Start from.

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Konga is one of the Best and top Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria and other the Other hand, Jumia affiliate Marketing is among the top marketing Platform that pays very Well too. If your Blog drives in More Traffic, and also you have Lots of friends on your Social Network, Then Chances are High that you Can make your Money from these Program When people Click and Purchase any item through your Affiliate LinkHow To Join Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria - Jumia, Konga Affiliate Program

Registration to Join the Affiliate Programs are FREE!!!

How To Join Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

  • Jumia Affiliate Program

  1. Visit the Affiliate Program Page at
  2. On the Page, Click OnBecome An Affiliate below the PageJumia1
  3. Then Fill in the Required Details Correctly: Account type, Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Country, Website.
  4. Finally Click onStart earning’Jumia2

Congratulations!!! You will be Sent an Email, on How to Login. Simply go to Your Email and Setup the Login Details. It is as Simple as That.

  • Konga Affiliate Program

  1. Visit Konga Affiliate marketing page at
  2. At the top right side of the page, Click on Signup
  3. Now you will be redirected to the Registration Page, Fill in your Personal Information as well as the Additional InformationKonga sign up image 1
  4. Enter the Payout method, Agree to Konga Terms and Conditions
  5. Finally Click on SignUp Konga sign up image 2

Make sure the above details are correctly entered, Then wait to get a mail with your account details to log into the program as well as instructions on how to use the program.

With the Steps above, you’ve Successfully Joined the Jumia, Konga Affiliate Program where you can now start to make Money Online.

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