Do you want to be an actor/actress because you like the way they perform on stage or you have been dreaming to be one? Are you interested in how to join Nollywood acting? Do you think you have what it takes to be in Nollywood Industry? we have got you covered because we will give you tips on how to join Nollywood Industry. Just read on so you will see what it takes to be in this movie industry.
Nollywood is the biggest and largest movie Industry in Africa. It’s also the third biggest movie producing industry in the world. Its a global entertainment industry and everything done there is competitive. If others later entered the industry why wont you? So we will quickly show you how to join Nollywood Industry.

Moreover, if is your dream to be an actor or actress we want you to join like others because they also dreamt like you but the only thing you need is to be furnished like they did, have tips about what you want to get into and give it a try

How to Join Nollywood Industry

1. Discover your acting skill and develop it
Acting is so easy if only to act comes from within you not just for popularity sake or for fame. As an aspiring star, you suppose to have many skills, discover them and develop it. These features are also needed in you to help you be into this Nollywood industry;

  • Perfect communication in English Language – It’s true you will be given script to memorize what you will say when acting but how will you communicate well, pronounce a word or use good tone if you don’t know how to communicate well in English.
  • Have Interpersonal skills – Be normal, remain you, don’t try to live like someone else. if you start with pretense you won’t have good result.
  • Be social and versatile – You have to forget anything concerning shyness because you will meet with various people with different characters in different states and even countries.
  • Learn how to handle pressure like to cry, be sad and laugh at anytime. It’s not so easy to start crying without any cause, that make acting a dynamic profession. So, you have to start your practice at home in front of your family or friends to know your capability.

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2. Communicate with people and try to have fans
Being a star is all about sociality and living an open life. As an aspiring actor or actress you have to try your best to connect with other celebrities on their social media page because some of them share how to excel as an actor/ actress in their media pages, ask questions, it will help you a lot.

Create social media page and start sharing some of your short videos to see people’s reactions to it, it will help you a lot to know the level of your skills and improve on it

3. Attend Acting Auditions
The only comprehensive,reliable and fastest way to meet producers and directors is going to legitimate Nollywood auditions where your skills will be seen and approved. Try so hard to act various roles, that will help to showcase your talents.

Tips on Nollywood Audition

  1. Prepare your mind and before coming make sure you got prepared
  2. Practice few days or one week to an audition. In this aspect, you need you friends or your family.
  3. On the day of audition, wake up early.
  4. Eat well and dress well
  5. Be punctual; make sure you arrive at the audition before the time given
  6. Don’t fake-up, it will help you to maintain confidence, perform originally and be creative while performing.

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Things you will Gain when you Join Nollywood

  1. It will give you job opportunity and income
  2. You will be famous
  3. It will help you show off your talents, skills and pursue your dreams
  4. You will enjoy fame, wealth and glamour
  5. You will always travel – Nollywood uses different places for their acting so you are given the opportunity to know many places.

Its not a must that after doing all these that you must be selected because is all about competition and hard work but if you don’t do this you wont even start a chance to be among. Wish you luck as you start your journey of joining Nollywood Industry. Rate our guide by using the comment box below.

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