How to Link Your Credit / Debit Card with PayPal Business Account

There are many advantages Linking your Bank or Cards with PayPal, few of them is easy and fast shopping/payment and withdrawal to card or directly into your bank account.

Most people prefer using PayPal to shop because it helps avoidance of exposing Card or bank details to an untrusted sites.

This page has provided step-by-step guides to follow Link Your Credit / Debit Card with PayPal Business Account or PayPal Personal/Individual account. We have used images for better illustrations.

A Process of Linking Credit / Debit Card with PayPal Business Account

Here are Practical Steps to Link either Credit / Debit Card with your PayPal Business Account.

STEP 1: Logging Into your PayPal Account

use Your PayPal email address and password you registered with to log-in. Once you’ve logged into your account, You should see a notification (if its a new account)

Login PayPal Page

The notification leads your to the main page where you have to link your card.

STEP 2: Click To Add Your Card Details

On click the “Add a new card” will take you to main page where you’ll have to provide your Card details, which includes;

PayPal Card linking

Card number: this is a long digit number printed on the front of your card. Depending on the card you are using, normally cards like MasterCard, Visa card is 16 digits.

You don’t have to enter any spacing while imputing the number.

Card Type: PayPal allows Master, Visa, American Express and Discover. You should select yours from the list provided.

Expiration Date: This is the Month and Year which your card will expire. It comes in this format “MM/YY, which means you only provide the digit way its printed on the card.

Security Code: The code is printed at the back of your card. its either 3-digites or 4-digites. It is also called “CSC Code”.

And Finally, Billing Address: This is that address use for the card application in your Bank. Though, PayPal may pull out the address you registered with them, but in case its not it you can click the down-pointing arrow to >add New address”.

Click on “Link Card” once you have entered the necessary and correct information.

You should see a confirmation notification on your screen “that you have successfully added your card (PLUS an email notification too) click “Done” to take you out of that page to the main page where you could manage your cards linking and transactions.

STEP 3: Confirming Your Linked card

It doesn’t stop on linking card, you have to confirm the card if not you can’t use it, in fact it will still be as if you are yet to link any card.

Expect seeing a new page opening, showing you full information of your card information (excluding the card number and CSC code).

With a click also to confirm the card you’ve added on your PayPal Business account.

Please make sure to click on “Get a Code” to complete your confirmation process and so that PayPal can start processing your query right away.

PayPal Card linking completed

Your code processing should start right away. You can see from the image above.

What is PayPa Confirmation Code?

The PayPal Confirmation code is the code you receive from your bank that contains a notification of PayPal charges from your account (that particular Card being debited from).

After adding a card or cards, its not complected until you allow PayPal to debit that card which you receive a confirmation for it. This is done once on every card you add into your PayPal account.

The reason for this further confirmation is for PayPal to be sure that the card or account added to your PayPal account is yours. This is one of the reason PayPal is one of the most secured Online Payment platforms in the world.

No user can link or use a stolen card on their PayPal account, its never possible because of this verification process.

STEP 4: Login And Enter the Code

Few days later (like 2 to 5 working days) you should get the code via SMS, or your account bank statement.

After getting the code either via your Bank alert or work to your bank to print Bank Statement or use your bank App and login, then check your latest debit activities …. this are ways to get the PayPal Code.

Now login, navigate through the notification bell at the top of the page then click on “link card” >> see the care you already linked and click on it >> you should see a click asking you to click to enter the code sent to you.

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