How to Log out From Facebook

After creating a Facebook account, you will be automatically signed in, except you follow a procedure to log out. but you need to know how you can sign out from your account to avoid anyone using your facebook account, therefore this page will show you how to log out from Facebook account.

We’ve heard countless time, how fraudsters use people’s facebook account to rob them and the cause of this was because the user didn’t handle his/her account properly. So now it’s one thing to create Facebook account and another thing to manage account.

Meanwhile if you are yet to join Facebook, we will still show you how you can do that without stress. Facebook is one social media account that thousands of people are using. People create Facebook account to do business, meet people, learn languages, make friends and so many other reasons So now, we may not know the reason you’ve created your account but managing it well is what matters.

As a Facebook New user, Facebook will tell you to guide your account and that is why a password is given you, so if you fail to do that, you will be held responsible if any misconduct is recorded with your account.

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Why I Need To Keep My Password Safe

  • To avoid misconduct from the third party
  • to avoid being blocked or banned from using facebook
  • avoid account closure.
  • keep away from scam or your account be hacked.
  • for easy access to your account
  • avoid loosing your password.

When you expose your Facebook Login details, to anyone or make it public, you may fall victim of any of these listed above.

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How to Log out From Facebook

This is how you can always sign out from your facebook account:

  1. log into your account, if you are logged in then,
  2. click on the small arrow pointing downwards, this arrow is located at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  3. select log out from the drop-down menu.

How to Sign Out From Facebook Using Facebook App

  1. tap on yo app to sign into your account
  2. click on log out to sign out.

As easy as that, you are connected to Facebook, so enjoy your facebook account and don’t forget to repeat this steps again to master the whole process.


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