How to Merge Music to YouTube Videos

It has come to terms that there is a better chance that you could be able to improve the quality of your YouTube videos with your music. Well, you might be wondering how this sounds but it’s just the truth not just how you expected it to be. With just some few steps which I’m going to show you here, it’ll be quite easier for you to be able to merge music to YouTube videos.

This method helps to improve the functionality and accessibility of your YouTube online streaming. Not only that, the most unique part of it is that it tends to make your YouTube video much more interesting and enjoyable for viewers. So, therefore, in order to rack up more viewers/subscribers to your YouTube contents, the use of the YouTube Video Player Manager will help you merge music to YouTube videos.

Steps to Merge Music to YouTube Videos

There are about twelve vital steps listed below which will guide you on how you can be able to merge music to YouTube videos with just a simple flick. So read below and see how it’s done:

  1. The first thing to do is to log into your YouTube account @ to sign in.
  2. Then enter your Gmail account and password in the required fields and click on “Sign in” to your new YouTube account.
  3. You’ll then have to go to “My channel” > under the channel list, you’ll then have to select the video you want to merge music too.
  4. The next step is where you’ll need to click on the “Video manager” which is under the video player to launch the YouTube Video Player Manager. To achieve this, click on “Edit” > and select “Auto” located at the top of the video player.
  5. Once it’s been done, you’ll then have to search for a music file that matches the content of the YouTube video.
  6. Then click on Top tracks” menu so as to open the music categories, and select the category you want.
  7. Then go to the search bar and type the favourite music you want. Or you can search via the name of the artist.
  8. Once your search results have finally opened, just scroll down and see whether the music you’re looking for appeared.
  9. Once you’ve selected the music you want, the next thing to do is to compare both the duration of the music file and that of the video file you want to merge to.
  10. Then click on the music playlist which you’ve already selected and added it to the video you’re planning to merge to.
  11. The next step is where you’ll have to edit the music you’ve chosen. To do this you have to click on “Position audio” to adjust the video and music position and length > Then trim the music file duration > after that, click on “Slider bar” button to adjust the mix level of the selected music file.
  12. Finally, once you’ve finished with your editing, you can now click on “Save” or “Save as” in order to save and publish your video with an already added music.

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