Five Ways to Prevent Online Banking Theft

It can be quite frustrating for you to have the experience of missing funds in your account through online banking. Even as much as having the idea that hackers are always active and ready to pounce on the unsecured online banking system.  Recovering your lost money is a slim reality, but the most important thing is for you to sharpen-up and never allow it to ever happen again. It’s not necessarily by mere wise thoughts but for you to know how you can be able to prevent online banking theft.

In some cases, you don’t necessarily have to depend on banks authentications for you to be able to secure your online banking transactions. Come to think of it, what will happen to your bank account once hackers gain access? Well, it’s practically a doom to your financial transactions and your bank account. That’s why you need to always be on alert so the doom won’t befall you so don’t just have to be the weakest victim. So, therefore, this site has prepared for you the guidelines that will help you to prevent online banking theft

How to Prevent Online Banking Theft

There are about five vital tips which will guide you in order to prevent online banking theft. See below:

#1. Avoid Using Public Computer and Networks.

This is one big mistake that you do make, which you’re not aware of and this tends to put your online financial transactions at risk. So, therefore, if you’re the type that uses a public computer either from a friend or going to cyber cafes, you have to desist from that act as you’re putting your online banking business at a very high risk.

Again, if you’re the type that enjoys using WI-FI networks of another user, don’t ever try it towards your online banking. Given the fact that hackers are always on alert, it is advisable you also desist from such activities because it will be very easier for hacking.

#2. Beware of Unknown Messages

These kinds of messages are otherwise known as Smishing. This is a prospect whereby you’ll be sent a text message referring you to the activities of your banking. The message will look very legit that will even make you believe that it’s one of the bank representatives, and it might just state that someone from abroad has just credited your account and will require you to input your bank details.

So, therefore, anytime you see these kinds of messages it’s just advisable for you to rush to your banks nearest centre or contact the original service provider support for confirmation.

#3. Look-out for Online Malware 

Sometimes there’s a prospect whereby you might just click on unknown links online. These types of links might in some cases come with malware you’re not even aware of at the very instant and tends to infect the activities of the computer with which you’re using for the transactions via gaining access to your online banking activities. The next thing you’ll notice is that your account has been raided by an unknown source. Don’t be surprised because that link which you clicked on during your online banking transactions is very much responsible for that act.

To solve this problem, you just need to stop going to unknown links or unpopular sites that tend to confuse you. And again, it’s also recommendable you install an antivirus on your computer and equally see that it’s properly updated.

#4. Use a Strong Password

This is another mistake people banking online normally make. Not using a strong and secure password for your account is what hackers normally like given the fact that it’ll be easier for them to crack the password and hack into your account without your concert.

So it’s better that you try out strong letters for your password so to make it harder for hackers. If you’re using a shortcode try using longer ones that you can remember or put it down somewhere very safe and secure. And also if you’re using your DOB or Phone number, just stop it because it can be easily figured out by hackers.

#5. Download and Use Legit Mobile Banking Apps

This is another kicking one for you. Nowadays we normally make use of banking apps for quick online banking access. With these apps, it is quite easier to make transactions easily with just a flick. It is true that you can see and download almost every app from different downloading links like Google Play Store and Apple Store. But doesn’t mean that those apps are 100% secured from these links you’re downloading from especially when it comes to mobile banking apps.

So, therefore, it is advisable if you visit the nearest branch of your bank and request for their online mobile app directly from the customer service representative and save yourself and save yourself heartbroken stories.

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