How to Recover Lost Data from Android Internal Memory

It’s no doubt the important roles Smartphone plays in our daily life of recent. Nowadays there are many things you can be able to do with your Smartphone which you can’t even imagine. Come to think of it; you can use your Smartphone to connect with someone, browse, take pictures, play music, store files, and probably play games. Surely this device deserves some credit. But it has come to terms whereby you’ll just delete some items on your Smartphone, knowingly or unknowingly. In as much as that, you got to find a way to get those files back. So that’s why this site has prepared for you the procedures you need to take in order to recover lost data from Android, probably from the device’s internal memory.

Giving the fact that most Android device does support SD card making it possible to store some important big files such as videos, games, and even audio files, etc. But you have to bear it in mind that not all Android Phones will allow you to store all your files on the SD card. Even as at that, some of your apps still run on the internal memory. So if you mistakenly delete some of these files, there are ways for you to recover them back. There is some Android file recovery software you can find on the internet. But considering the fact that you decide to use any of them, its better you make use of strong software so as to be able to perform this task.

There are many reasons why we normally lose our Phone data, which may be as a result of formatting the device accidentally or even other reasons. But due to the fact that most Android Phones are being made in a way that you can decide to be accessing the device internal memory alone or not. So, therefore, depending on how you choose to handle your Android device, you have to make sure that you don’t end up losing your data on the device. But should there be the case, there are procedures whereby you need to take in order to recover lost data from Android device storage.

Steps to Recover Lost Data from Android device


In order to perform this task, you need to follow the steps below. And also make sure your device has enough battery life to carry out this process.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to install and run any software of your choice. But it’s recommendable you run the Android Recovery Program software, or the EaseUS Phone memory recovery software.
  2. After that, you then have to connect your Phone device to your computer using a USB cable and make sure your Phone is been recognized by the computer.
  3. Then go to your home screen and tap on the software so as to allow the program full authorization of your Phone.
  4. The next thing you have to do is to click “Start” to scan your Android device’s internal memory via the software so as to find your lost or deleted files.
  5. After that, you then have to preview all the recoverable files.
  6. Go to the “Only display deleted items” option.
  7. The list of the deleted items that need to be recovered will then surface. You’ll then have to tap on the “Recover” button to recover files from the internal memory.

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