How to Register With Google Account isn’t sounding new to anyone, I guess. One thing to always remember about Alibaba online shopping is that it is the platform with the lowest prices items for. Yet, it is one of the largest and trusthed after Amazon e-Shop. And, it is international.

This page is meanly discussing on how to login the account without an email address. S read on to learn “HOW”.\

Logging In Without An Email Address

Once of the fastest way to sign up or login any new account is by using your existing social account for it. With that, it will only be a click of buttons till the completeion of the registration.

But the reason some people don’t prefer using this method is because maybe;

  • they want to use separate account information.
  • some do not want to expose their main information.
  • some still prefer to manually input their email address and create a separate password login.

In the other hand some want this process

There are servral ways to login or register a new AliBaba account without having to fill any form. This includes;

  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Linkedin account
  • Twitter account

So using any of the above accounts requires your approval, and that is why when you click on any, you must login to “ALLOW” the connection. Just as simple as that!

This page is meanly for using Google Account to Login or register Alibaba online shopping site.

How to Login AliBaba Online Shopping Website using Google

Alibaba Login Page Image

follow the steps lay below;

  1. visit the official website
  2. Locate “Log in | Join Free” menu at the top of the page and click.
  3. since we are creating the account for the first time, also intending using Google account to login Alibaba. Then locate the Google icon and click.
  4. If you are logged in already into your Google account, you should see a popup requesting that you select the Google account to use. You will be asked to enter a password of that Google account if you’re not logged in.
  5. The Google permission page will also open, requesting for your consent to connect your account with Alibaba. Select “Allow”.
  6. Congratulations! you just completed the registration and login Alibaba using Google account.

Note that your Aliabab account will;

  • The name on your Google becomes the same on Alibaba
  • Your email will be on Alibaba, and that should always be your means to login at all time.

But you can also change the name, create a new password from the account settings, even after logging in.

Now you are in, start shopping!

Use the comment box below, in case you have any question or contribution.


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