How to Set Up Hushmail Account on Android Device

With the new method on board to help configure your Hushmail on any Smartphone, you necessarily don’t need to access your Hushmail account on the computer’s web browser anytime you want to access your email address. After the configuration process, you can now be able to access your email account anytime you feel like without every time login. To know how to set up Hushmail account on Android, you have to follow the guideline provided for you on this site.

Before you can be able to perform the configuration process, you need to make sure that you properly input the active IMAP and SMTP servers, which is practically for Android devices. And again, the hostname must be properly inputted considering the fact that your username is an active one. So, therefore, read below so as to know how to set up Hushmail account on Android.

Steps to Set Up Hushmail Account on Android

The steps on how to set up Hushmail account on Android have been detailed for you below. So read further below and see how the process works.

  1. First, you have to go to your device’s home screen and tap on “Settings.”
  2. Under the settings, scroll down and tap on “Accounts.”
  3. The next thing you’ll do is to tap on “Add account.”
  4. Then scroll down, you’ll see “Personal (IMAP)” with an email envelope logo, you have to click on it.
  5. What you now need to do is to enter your Hushmail email address and tap “Next.”
  6. When you’re redirected to the next screen, you have to enter your Password and then tap on “Sign in.”
  7. You’ll see a prompt asking you to allow Client Gmail to access your Hushmail data. You then have to tap on “Allow” for it to gain access.
  8. After that, you then have to follow the instructions provided for you so as to complete your set up process.

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Note: There is also the manual process to perform this task as the above is the automatic configuration set up. So follow the steps below to perform this task:

  1. Still, go to your device’s home screen and tap on “Settings”
  2. Tap on “Accounts” under the Settings option
  3. Then tap on “Add account”
  4. Click on the “Personal (IMAP)”
  5. Then enter your Hushmail email address.
  6. Once you’ve done so, the Manual Set up will then show. So you have to tap into it.
  7. Still, select the Personal (IMAP) option and tap “Next”
  8. Once you’re redirected to the next screen, enter your password and tap on “Sign in.”
  9. You’ll then have to enter your login information and your incoming and outgoing server settings.
  10. After that, you’ll then have to tap on “Sign in,”

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that your Hushmail account has been configured to your Android device successfully.

Required IMAP Settings

This has to do with your login information, the incoming and outgoing server settings you need to input are been detailed below for you.

  1. The login information needed are; your email address which is probably that of your Hushmail account, the username you’re using, and equally your email account’s password.
  2. Then coming to the Incoming Server settings, information needed has to with, as the IMAP server, the Security type should be SSL, then Port will have to be (993), you’ll still maintain your full email address as your username, coupled with your password.
  3. The relevant information for the Outgoing Server settings is; SMTP (, Security type (SSL), Port (465), and Authentication (checked). After that, confirm your information by entering your full email address and your password.

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