Many have wondered How they could Share IGTV Videos to Instagram Stories but the good news to you all is that Instagram launched a standalone app called, IGTV that allows users to share an hour long video right away. It is a feature that isn’t available to Instagram app itself.

With IGTV, Instagram aims to re-envision mobile video and compete with the likes of YouTube. It’s available as a standalone app and as a tab inside the main Instagram app.

At first, you can allow users to watch video via a link to an IGTV video on business accounts, as they swipe up to watch the full IGTV video.

It’s a new way that Instagram is relying on to drive more eyeballs to IGTV. Instagram Story is an incredibly popular feature on the network so this will serve as a good route to funnel more users to IGTV.

With this post you will get to learn how it’s done and Now You Can Share IGTV Videos to Your Instagram Stories

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How to Share IGTV Videos to Instagram stories

Similar to the Instagram feature that lets users instantly repost stories they’re mentioned in. The new feature allows users to share a preview of any IGTV video in their stories. Here is how you can do it:

Image: Share IGTV Videos

  1. Launch your IGTV app
  2. Go to the video
  3. Tap on the paper airplane icon
  4. Tap on ‘Add video to your story,’
  5. Then tap on the ‘+’ sign on the left down side

Now your friends can automatically tap the preview to go watch the entire video in IGTV. Instagram hasn’t provided any figures as yet which reveal just how well IGTV has been doing.

It’s unclear how many people are watching videos shared on it. This move on Instagram’s part is an effort to bolster those figures, however good they might be and you need not worry because you’ll like this IGTV to Instagram.

Now You Can Share IGTV Videos to Your Instagram Stories comfortably anytime anywhere in case you encounter difficulties doing this then simply use our comment section below…

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