How to Sign up Twitter Account Now | Login Twitter

Twitter is a social media networking site and also an online news site where people read up trending things and make a post which they call Tweets. Users of Twitter were allowed to make less than  140 words before the year 2017, but from the year 2017 it was increased to a certain benefiting number.

To join twitter, you need to learn how to sign up twitter account now and then do so to have a platform of your own. Twitter account gives you an ennoblement to make a tweet of your own and also have many people read it up.

Twitter members can follow anyone they like on Twitter, this same thing means to search for friend or accept friends request on Facebook. To follow on twitter means to ask to be their friend on Twitter, whom you follow may not follow you but you will at least be able to see what the person posts and you can comment to that.

How to Sign up Twitter Account Now

If you are ready to create twitter account you can follow the steps below:

  • open your browser and log on to
  • click on sign up.
  • enter your name, email address, username, a password and all the things asked you.
  • once you are done click on sign up.
  • verify your email address and continue your twitter account registration.

Now you are on twitter, but then yo need to to set up your profile and get some followers instantly.

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Twitter Login

There are two ways to sign into twitter, you can use the twitter sign in form or twitter app.

  • go to
  • enter your twitter login username or email address and then your password.
  • click on login to enter into your account.

Twitter Download

For faster login to your account, you can download twitter app, the app is on google play store, Microsoft app store, iTunes and other app store. More so, you can download twitter app from twitter website so login to download the app for free.

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Why You Need Twitter App

  • to login to your account faster.
  • to receive notification when there are tweets for you.
  • know when someone likes your tweet or when someone retweeted your tweet.
  • login without app.

Enjoy now your twitter account and if you encounter any challenge on the go use don’t waste tie to get back to us.



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