How To Start Wholesale Recharge Card Business Distributor In Nigeria

How To Start Wholesale Recharge Card Business Distributor – If starting a recharge card printing business in Nigeria as a wholesale dealer or distributor and also know the requirement to start up this Wholesale Recharge Card Business then check this out below.

Computer, Printer, and A4 paper, software and list of reliable dealers from us (ONLINEMAILGROUND.COM) which will cost you N5,000 only are all you really need.

NOTE: It is the Dealer (that you wish to patronize) will give you the software you need to start up the business. And this is why our job here is to give you the Dealers Contact for ONLY #5,000.

However, this our Recharge Card Business Dealer contact is really one of a kind to work with; they take all costumers equal. This is to say that they do advise their customers to always inform them before making any payment or ordering for pins, And The mean reason for that is because the price is not constant, so they will tell you that it is depending to the trend of the network that day.

But you that want to know How To Start Wholesale Recharge Card Business really don’t need to tell your customer like that, you can only do so when or if at that time they sell card N110, N210, etc.

So depending on the network price and trend the Dealer will sell to you at the range of N89 – N93, etc, This is just the secrete to become a recharge card Retail Business or Wholesale Distributor.

Just like we said in the begging of the post, that we will be showing you the Full Requirement to Start As a recharge card wholesale distributor and also How to Get the Reliable Dealers Contact that you need to start your Wholesale Recharge Card Business

How To Start Wholesale Recharge Card Business Distributor:

Step 1.  You do not need much for you to start as a recharge card wholesale distributor. As I have earlier explain or list to you the tools/kits for recharge card printing business such as;

  1. Computer
  2. Printer
  3. Software
  4. A4 paper
  5. List of Dealers.

How to Get Reliable Dealers Contact

Our duty  is to provide you, reliable dealers, after you have made your payment N5,000 only into any of the account listed below;

Bank: GTBank plc
Account: 0044125023

Step 2.  Now the next step is to text your Name, Email address in any of this Phone Number: 08032934651.

Step 3.  We’ll then send to The list of dealers which also includes the office address, contact phone number, price list, and branch office, which will be sent to your email address.

Important Guide You Need To Start Wholesale Recharge Card Business In Nigeria Successfully

Guide 1. Above Steps are what you really need but then, We advise you to ask any question that will benefit you and your business,  when you contact them or you can still go to their office to get the software. Also at this Stage, The Dealer will ask you to Create a Business Name (eg; Frank communication). Now, this will enable them (The Dealers) to know when you have made the payment, to customize the card, and for your costumers to see u as the original owner of the business or to know that you are a registered recharge card wholesale distributor.

Guide 2.   After you have created a Business name, you can now start placing your order for pins. But make sure that whenever you are making payment to order for pins you must use your business name as the depositor’s name so that your dealer will know you and push your pins to you through the software.

I believe How To Start Wholesale Recharge Card Business In Nigeria Now will not be your problem anymore! Just in case you have a question you can call us on 08067194008 or 08032934651 and also use the comment box below.


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