How to Stream Songs on Spotify | See Guide

Have you been using Spotify all these while and still wondering how to Stream Songs on Spotify and especially songs you love so much? If you have then you are not alone in this journey.

We found some ways with which you can do this. I would outline it out later but first, let’s talk about Spotify.

The reason we are talking about Spotify here is that you cannot stream any song on the Spotify platform without first having to stream the song.

Now songs on Spotify can be streamed for free without having to leave the platform. The method We would be showing you would help you to stream any song on Spotify without having to pay for any subscriptions.

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How to Open A Spotify Account

To open a spotify account you need to have a web browser and a good data connection. Follow the instructions below to open a new spotify account online.

  • To begin, open the Facebook website that can be located at
  • A new page would be displayed, on the page you have to hit the sign up link at the top corner of the page.
  • After clicking, a new form would be displayed. The form can be referred to as a sign up form because of the information it requires.
  • To proceed further, you need to fill in your first name, last name, email address and others respectively.
  • After filling in the information you can click the sign up link at the bottom of the page again.

On clicking it, if your details were processed and accepted, you would be on your spotify account set up page. a new window would pop up on this page asking you to download the spotify app for your current device. Click on “save” to complete the download.

How to Log In To Spotify

If you have an account on spotify before now, you can skip the steps above and proceed to logging in to your old account.

To sign in to your spotify account, kindly launch the mobile app or open the web page at and hit the “log in” button.

Enter your spotify account log in details such as your email address and password and click on “sign in”. If the details are correct you would be s=logged in to spotify shortly.

How to Stream Songs on Spotify

You can easily do this through any of the mobile apps or you can do this using the Spotify web player.

  • To stream songs on the Spotify web player, follow this URL (
  • When the page loads,
  • Click the link of the song you want to stream or use the search bar to easily find one.
  • To stream spotify song on the app,
  • Launch the app and log in using your account details.
  • Search for the song you want to stream and click on it.

Click “Play” and wait for the song to start playing out.

Now you can enjoy to Stream Songs on Spotify in case of any difficulty kindly make use of our comment section below…

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