How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android Using Google Account

 The previous methods of our contacts have been something that takes time to do due to the procedures involved. Sometimes it can be many ways problematic for some users. Believe me when I tell you the procedure requires information like Phone number, First Name, Last Name, etc. But now, with the new development of Smartphones coupled with the standard features associated with it, you can now be able to transfer iPhone contacts to Android as swiftly as anything else.

For you to be able to use this method, you surely need to make sure that you have an active Google account. But if you have not yet signed in for a Gmail account, it’s necessary to do so if you want to access this more successfully. Although using this procedure takes a little time considering the fact that there are a lot of contacts that need to be synced. So, therefore, this site has prepared for you the steps that will guide you for you to be able to transfer iPhone contacts to Android using the Google account process.

Steps to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

The step-by-step method below tends to help you to embark on this task. So, therefore, read further below and see to go about it.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to the Google site @ to create your own Google account.
  2. The next thing you need to do is to use your iPhone, tap on the Settings of your phone and locate the Contacts, Calendars, and Mail menu.
  3. After that, you then have to enter your Gmail account. You can be able to do this by clicking on the “Add account” option, then choose your Gmail account option, and fill out your account information to continue.
  4. Once you’ve successfully completed this step, you will see a notification asking you “Which parts of your Google account you’ll like to sync.” Seeing this notified question, you’ll just have to select the Contacts option considering the fact that we’re dealing with contacts transfer.
  5. The next thing that will happen is that both the iPhone and Android devices you’re making use of will start syncing contacts with an active internet connection required.
  6. You have to pay more attention to know about the syncing process. If you want to keep tabs on that, you have to click on form your desktop.
  7. Once you’ve clicked on the link, the next thing you have to do is to sign in with your Google account, and check the list of contacts from there.
  8. After which the syncing process is all but complete, you then just have to log in to your Gmail account via your Android device.

Finally, your transfer process is all but a success and you’re good to go!

I just hope the steps provided for you were helpful. You can always come to this site for different kinds of updates. Just leave a Comment in the box below and also Share this post.


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