How To Unlock TECNO Phones (Factory Reset)

Unlock TECNO Phones – Are you looking for ways to unlock your Tecno Phones, Boot Into Recovery and also get to Factory reset then this is the right place for you to be.

we have broken down a simple stepped guide on how to unlock TECNO Android phones (TECNO Camon Series, L Series, Phantom Series, W Series etc.)


How To Unlock TECNO Phones (Boot Into Recovery + Factory Reset)

This method requires you to do a total factory reset of your device which implies you will have to forfeit all data and important files on your TECNO Android phone. This method restores your device to its manufacturer’s default state (factory settings).

Step 1:  Turn off the device

Switch off your Android Smartphone by holding down the power button (skip if the device is off already).

Step 2: Hold Volume Up + Power Button

Next, hold this buttons all together “Volume Up key + Power Button” for about 5 seconds until the phone boots to recovery mode.

Step 3: Navigate to factory reset

Your Smartphone will boot up and show some strange codes, on the next screen that shows up, you should see about four (4) options, just scroll down to “Factory Reset” or “Delete all User Data” and select it. (Use the Volume up/down to scroll and select).

Step 4: Reboot phone

Once that process is done, scroll down and select “Reboot Phone”. This reboots the device without pattern/password locks.

TIPS: For navigation purpose while on the Reset Screen you can use the…

  • Volume Down key >> To Navigate Down
  • Volume Up Key >> To Navigate Up
  • Power Button >> To Select

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