How to Use FCMB Self-Service For Mobile Banking

FCMB Self-Service – The First City Momentum Bank, FCMB has introduced a new service for everyone, and it is known as FCMB Self-Service. Which is really amazing and quite impressive.

Although, there is the FCMB transfer code, that allows you to complete all your bank transaction from the comforts of your home.

But the bank transfer code is totally different each other, despite the fact that both of them are bearing almost the same features and benefits.

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What is FCMB Self-Service?

FCMB Self-Service is a convenient and secure way of carrying out your banking transactions from the comforts of your homes or offices, without speaking with a customer service agent for assistance.

Although, First City Momentum Bank are calling the feature “FCMB’s interactive telephone self-service” FCMB just seems to be among the top best banks in Nigeria.

But it specializes more like FCMB customer service protocols. The real difference is that, the bank promised you won’t speak to any customer service agent.

Benefits of FCMB Self-Service

This Self-Service has lots of amazing benefits and they include that with FCMB Self-Service you can:

  • Request to block your debit cards (MasterCard and Verve)
  • Reset your FCMB Online password
  • Reset your FCMBMobile Plus
  • Change your one-time transfer limit on FCMBOnline
  • Transfer funds within FCMB
  • Top up your phone and others phones
  • Check your account balance
  • Check your account history last five transactions)
  • Setup and change your PIN for telephone banking
  • Switch easily between own account numbers without terminating the call.

How to get started

To get started and activate the FCMB self-service, Follow this steps below:

  • Dial this numbers 07003290000 or 01-2798800 from your bank registered number and follow the voice prompt.
  • The above code should be dialed with the registered the number associated with your bank account.
  • Your token code is required to complete the transactions.

If you really need to make more enquiries, please send a mail to

Meanwhile,If you have reason to suspect any unauthorized activity on your account please contact the company by sending an email to

For more information FCMB products and services, please call the company’s 24/7 contact centre on 07003290000 or 012798800 or chat with Temi via, Whatsapp on (+234) 090 999 99814 or (+234) 090 999 99815.

You can now proceed to using the FCMB Self-Service for your online banking from your comfort…Kindly use our comment section below for more inquiries…Also hit the share icon button and share this post to family and friends on social media…


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