With the development of ProtonVPN for iOS devices, you’re now able to connect to secure servers of the ProtonVPN on iPhones or iPads. This can easily be done via the use of an “OpenVPN Connect” application source which allows you to connect the secure VPN servers using the OpenVPN protocol. This site has prepared for you the guideline on how you can use ProtonVPN secure server on your iOS device.

One interesting thing about ProtonMail is the fact that it encrypts all your email messages automatically into the server. This specifically means that you can be able to send and secure email to any email address as well. This has been the fact that ProtonMail makes use of the standard inline OpenPGP, it is now quite easier for someone to send you encrypted mail without using ProtonMail. Read further below and see how you can use ProtonVPN secure server.

Procedures to use ProtonVPN Secure Server

To use ProtonVPN secure server on your iOS device, you have to please follow the guideline outlined for you below.

To Download OpenVPN Connect App

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download and install the OpenVPN Connect app from your iOS device via this link >>> VPN App @ AppleStore.
  2. You’ll then have to download the configuration files into your device. To download the configuration file directly from your iOS device, you have to first go to protonvpn.comon your iOS device and log in using your account details > click the menu icon > then select the “Downloads” section > in the OpenVPN configuration section, select iOS and then UDP as the protocol > select “Server configs” and then download the server you want to connect to.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll then have to open the configuration file with OpenVPN.
  4. After that, you’ll then have to click on the (Green + sign) so as to add the OpenVPN connection to the app.
  5. Click “Allow” also to add a VPN profile. Here, you can enter your OpenVPN username and password.

How to Upload VPN Configuration Files in iTunes

The steps to do this are been drafted for you below:

  1. The first step is to connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac and then launch iTunes.
  2. You’ll then have to select iOS device, either iPad or iPhone.
  3. Then download the ProtonVPN configuration files on your PC or Mac.
  4. Go to protonvpn.com and log in with your account details.
  5. Then go to the top left corner of the menu and click “Downloads”.
  6. In the OpenVPN configuration section, you’ll then have to select “iOS” and then “UDP” as the protocol.
  7. Choose the connection you like and then press the “Download” button.
  8. Then move the downloaded files into the “OpenVPN documents” section on your computer.
  9. After that, you’ll then have to disconnect your device from iTunes and then open the OpenVPN Connect app.
  10. Then press the “+ icon” to add profiles from a list of the configuration files.
  11. You’ll then be requested to enter OpenVPN username and password.

 How can I Connect to the ProtonVPN?

  1. At first, you’ll have to click on the server you wish to connect.
  2. Scroll and tap on the “Disconnected” button.
  3. A notification stating “Allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connection” will then appear. You’ll have to select “Yes”.
  4. A VPN connection icon will then appear in the status bar.


Note: If you want to disconnect the ProtonVPN, you just have to select your current connection and then switch the toggle off.

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