How To Withdraw From BitWorld To BitCoin Wallet – Invest or Fund BITWORLD

How to make payments/invest and withdrawal with BitWorld Center in Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, United States and elsewhere won’t be a problem for you again once you are done reading this Guide on How To Withdraw From BitWorld To BitCoin Wallet.

BitWorld Center is a Professional Cryptocurrency mining company that gives out 2.2% to her investors till ROI 300% is attained. And following our previous post on – BitWorld Center Review | Registration | Login, you will really learn all that you need to know about BitWorld Center

So without taking much time here in this post, check below to see all you really need to learn about How To Withdraw From BitWorld To BitCoin Wallet and also How to Invest or Fund BITWORLD Center Account

How to Invest or Fund BITWORLD Center Account

Now it’s time to fund your account with the exact amount/plan you selected during the beginning of the creation of your account.

»» Make sure you have logged into your account. then click on *Payment*.
»» Then Click on *Bitcoin*How To Withdraw From BitWorld To BitCoin Wallet
»» On clicking the “Step 2” which is “Bitcoin”, a new page opens showing you the exact amount to send in Bitcoin (BTC) and the address you should send the mount to. Please note that your BTC acct will not be the same, that means every account has its own special address to send the BTC into in order to correct land into your account.
»» Copy the company’s *bitcoin wallet address* provided.
»» Paste it in your blockchain wallet or Binance wallet or luno or your preferred bitcoin wallet.
»» Copy the exact bitcoin/satoshi (eg. *0.90000000* ) provided (NOT the Dollars).
»» Now you have successfully funded your account, Wait to see your first ROI of 2.2% on your investment in the next 24hrs.

PLEASE NOTE: Every level of investment requires a due of $10, so that will be a total of $6.410 that we invest. However, once the funded the 10$ will be deducted.

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How To Withdraw From BitWorld To BitCoin Wallet

» Log into your account and click on Bank Account
» Click Withdraw scroll down and Click on register bitcoin wallet
» Copy your bitcoin wallet, paste and save your wallet
» You will see what amount do you want to order, then Type the value, type again to confirm the value.
» Then it will ask you for your financial key! Just right-click on I forgot my key, a new page will open (that is if you did not initially request for the key)
» Click the token box and u will have a code sent to your email immediately. eg 4m9c2118
» Copy the code and paste to where you are asked to paste your token (twice)
» Then you will be asked if you are sure you want to make this withdraw, click the box as a confirmation that you
want to withdraw. Then click Request Withdrawal box.
» Within few seconds, you will get an email that you have withdrawn the amount quoted, and in less than 5 hours, your money will hit your bitcoin wallet.

So here you go. This is really all you need to know about How To Withdraw From BitWorld To Wallet as well as Invest or Fund BITWORLD. Please if you find this very much helpful, you can also use the share icons below to share on your social media account. Thanks


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