Know How to Fix Your Computer when it Fails to Boot

The inability of Windows to boot is quite a normal thing that occurs in PC’s today. It may be due to any issue or the other. So the question lies whether you can be able to fix the problem yourself. So relax let us guide you on How to Fix Your Computer that refuses to boot.

Nowadays, new modern versions of Windows do recover after generating a problem that makes it stop booting, by automatically running a startup repair. Windows XP, on the other hand, has recently lost its tracks whenever faced with this particular issue. That issue you can be able to solve when you follow the rightful steps on How to Fix Your Computer which can’t boot below.


Guidelines on How to Fix Your Computer when it Fails to Boot

It is most important to first give you a hint of the kind of errors which is found in Windows 7 and Vista which can be fixed following the respective guide:

  • Having an issue with corrupted or missing
  • BOOTMGR suddenly corrupted or missing
  • Having no bootable device which further states “insert boot disk and press any key”
  • NTLDR corrupted or missing
  • SYS can’t be found or missing
  • dll can’t be found in your PC
  • com is missing

Listed below are hints on fix your Windows 7 and Vista issues when it doesn’t boot.

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Follow the Instructions below

  • The first step to take is to “Turn your computer on”, booting from either your Windows 7 Installation DVD or Windows 7 System Recovery Disc.  But you have to bear it in mind that you would have to change the order of the booting inside the BIOS in order for the DVD drive to boot first.
  • When the recovery disk loads finish installing, you’ll then have to select your language settings and then continue.

Note: If you’re using the installation DVD, you’ll have to select “Repair your computer”

  • Another process is where the computer will scan itself in case of any Windows installations, after which you will have to select which installation you wish to repair.
  • The next thing to do is to select the appropriate Windows installation from the list and then continue. If by any means a problem is detected in one of your Windows installations at this initial stage, the system may also ask you if it can try to repair the problem automatically. It is up to you if you wish to let the system try to repair itself, but if not just select “No”
  • Once you have reached the ‘System Recovery Options screen’, you will have a variety of choices that can assist you in repairing a damaged Windows 7 operating system.  If you wish to try the “Startup Repair” option first, it is quite successful in automatically fixing many different starts up issues, then you just have to click “Command Prompt” to continue.
  • Finally, you will now enter the following command and then press enter: exe /FixMbr

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After following the processes successfully, your system will be finally back and you’re ready to go.

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