Learn how to use Whatsapp Apk Messenger on PC

Learn how to use Whatsapp Apk Messenger on PC

Have you seen someone using whatsapp apk on PC and then you keep wondering how? Buzy Brains will teach you  how to do that and more. You cna run your whatsapp now on any device of your choice, also you can choose to download whatsapp directly into your pc.

Whatsapp is a phone application and it first started with mobile phones, but now you can download app directly into your PC and chat non stop. Now remember that whatsApp is a multi platform messaging app that has millions of users all over the world.

You can message, video call, send pictures and share music for free, you can also create a group chat and create a world of your own. The most unique feature now which is on whatsapp 2018 version is the “Delete message for me  and everyone” this feature allows you to delete message which you’ve wrongly sent.

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Now, learning how  to use whatsapp apk on pc, please remember now that i told you that, you can download whatsapp now on your PC directly; you don’t need any BlueStack, but all things being equal, you will still need to get your phone connected to your PC.

Presently whatsapp have not developed a platform to work on PC without phone, since it’s a phone application, it still uses phone to work. So, first download whatsapp on your pc and then connect to whastapp via your phone.

How to Download whatsApp on PC Free

Let us show you how you can download whatsapp on pc:

  1. open any browser on your PC (google chrome is much more better) and log on to whastapp portal at www.whatsapp.com
  2. click on download (this option can be seen at the top region at the dashboard)
  3. at the right-hand side of the scree, select to download whatsapp for windows PC
  4. install device on your pc and then open the app.

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How to use Whatsapp Apk Messenger on PC

Now you’ve gotten your app so,

  1. open your whatspap apk on your mobile phone
  2. at the menu icon, select “whatsapp web”
  3. you will see a QR Reader then open  the whastapp apk on your PC
  4. ones you do that, you will see the same QR reader on your PC
  5. Point the QR READER on your phone directly to the one on you PC and then allow the two to connect.

After this, you will be directly connected to whatspp on PC, So that means you can chat now with your PC device.

Note: Ones you are done chatting for the day, you can choose to disconnect this or leave it. More so, remember that in order for your whatsapp to work perfectly on pc, you must have your phone data turned on all time, ones you off your phone data, the whatsapp on your PC will be disconnected.



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