List of Social Chat Messenger to Signup without Email account

Using your email account to sign up for any kind of account online make your account more secured and fast login to it. But over the years developers have created other possible ways to signup social chat messenger even without requiring your email account.

There are Social Mobile Messaging Apps that you can use to Replace mobile SMS. Each app has different features from one another. Nowadays, we can download more than one app to be installed on our device.

One of the major aim of Social Chat Messenger to Signup without Email account is to:

  • reduce time sent to signup
  • for more security
  • bringing mobile-use ability into reality

What if your Password is missing?

This time most of this social median do not also require password, yet secure like you used email account to create the account. This Social Chat messengers only works with your mobile phone number and your phone contacts.

This process is called “Synchronization”. Where by when you install an App and the app automatically connects all your mobile phone information, it then means the app has the ability synchronize with your phone.

There are list of Social Chat Messenger to Signup without Email account which we have  listed some top chat messenger you may already know or like to try and see how it works.

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List of Best Social Chat Messenger to Signup without Email account

  • Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile apps today, use in connecting friends and family all over the world. It a user you can also share images, short videos, make free audio call call recording, send and receive an instant message, that is why its called a chat messenger.

To start using whatsapp all you have to do is download and install the app on your mobile phone as the app support for Androids, Nokia, some Java phone, iPhone and iPad, Windows phones and PC. once you get the app installed, during the setup your mobile number will be required in the process, then user name, and your profile pics. That is all  – you are just done setting-up your whatsapp account. If you want to download whatsapp for your mobile phone click here now

  • Imo

This is another powerful instant messenger that also allows you to do the same thing whatsapp does. But what makes it more powerful then whatsapp is that you make live video calling with imo app.

In-terms of setting up, still the same ways. Using your phone number and then automatically connects with all your mobile contacts. which also gives you an instant opportunity to start inviting all your contact imo, letting them know that you now use imo app.

  • Facebook Messenger

The facebook messenger does all of this that imo and whatsapp does. But also does more.

When you download and install the latest version of Facebook messenger, although you may have already created facebook account using your email account. So for that you will not need to start creating new account when you install the facebook messenger. All you now need is to setup your account.

But the point is that facebook messenger does not only work as imo and whatsapp, but also go extra mile to asking for your permission to use the app and be reading, receiving and sending the normal mobile SMS. So with this app you can send and receive sms on it, even without using your phone sms facility.

  • Google Duo

The Google Duo is a Google product that allows users to make video calling only. When you download Duo on your mobile phone, all that is required is your mobile number and it automatically connects. When ever you want to make your video call if it, you to to ot its menu and select who to call using the google Duo.

  • WeChat

WeChat is a messaging App is another mobile app of its kind that is developed by Tencent in China. This app is used for social chatting as well with some different additional features. WeChat gives fantastic features to find friend (which other doesn’t do) such as shake the bottle and view nearby. By shaking your smartphone, you will get a new friend around you, or view nearby by using GPS functionality.



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