How to Log Out From Facebook Messenger App on Android Device

Have you been wondering how to log out from Facebook Messenger App on your android device? or have ever searched for the log out button on the Messenger and it seems there is none? Well, Facebook Messenger app got a way to get you logged in but did not provide a getting out method for you. In a quest to log out of the messenger app, We have come up with two easy methods for you.

It is necessary to log out of Messenger or any App at all times that you are logged in, this is a security measure you have to take to protect your social media account.

Facebook Messenger can be annoying most at times when you turn on your data connection and messages begin to pop in (Because you didn’t log out)

But the Good News!!!

We’ve got two easy to operate methods for you to successfully log out from Messenger on your android.

  • Clear Facebook Messenger data from android device settings
  • Log out of the Facebook app from your android device

With the two methods above, you are Logged Out Of the Facebook Messenger App. Now See the Steps for Each Below.

How to Log Out From Facebook Messenger App on Android Device

Method 1:

  • Clear Facebook Messenger Data From Android Device Settings

To perform this Step, First Close the Facebook Messenger app and remove it from your recent app list. Follow the steps below.

  1. From your android home screen, Open your Settings”
  2. Go down to “Apps” or “Application Manager” and click on it.
  3. Then locate and click on Facebook
  4. Finally select Clear Data”

If you successfully followed the steps above, then You have logged out of Facebook Messenger on your device.

Method 2:

  • Log out of Facebook App from your Android Device

Here is another method to Log out of Facebook Messenger Successfully.

  1. Open your Facebook App {Not the Messenger App}
  2. Click on the 3 lines icon at the top right corner of your screen
  3. Locate and click on Account Settings”
  4. Next, click on Security and Login” {Some android just says Security}
  5. Under the session that says “Where you’re Logged In” Click on See More
    (Here, you will find all the devices at which you were Logged in on Facebook. But as a result of this explanation, see step 6 below)
  6. Tap on the 3-dots by the Messenger session and select log out

You will get a notification immediately that you’ve been logged out. To confirm that you are logged out, try open the Messenger app and you will notice that you won’t be automatically logged in.

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That’s all to log out from Facebook Messenger app on your android device, kindly share this post on your social media account so that friends who find it difficult to log out their Messenger App can also learn from it. Also, feel free to use the COMMENT BOX below for any question or recommendation and we will be here to attend to you. THANKS


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