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Here is yet another mailing service provider; group which is commonly referred to as Mail.Ru is a Russian internet company which started with mailing service in 1998 and later became a big figure in the Russian internet segment. The company was initially known for it’s mailing service before it expanded into other services.

It provides you a mailbox with unlimited storage space and if you don’t have a private computer or Desktop, offers you the opportunity to access Mail via a mobile. It has an interface that is ideally designed for your mobile or smartphone. With your mobile phone you can read and compose messages on the go when away from PC.

We will show you briefly how to do email sign up, if you like we will also show you how you can download account or login effectively. Meanwhile for those who will like to know if they are allowed to create email account severally, well the answer is YES!. You can be able to sign up account as many times as you want so far you use a different user ID.

More so, having a email account doesn’t stop you from creating yahoo account gmail account. You can try out other email service providers if you want to even with the same user ID and password. Email Sign up

  1. use chrome browser to log on to website at
  2. allow google translate the page for you
  3. click on sign up
  4. enter your name, surname
  5. select date of birth
  6. indicate your gender
  7. enter your desired postal address
  8. enter a password of your choice
  9. select your country and enter your mobile phone number
  10. click on sign up
  11. verify your account and then here is your account.

You have successfully created a new email account; share your mails now and yell your friends you’ve got an email address.

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When you create an email account, you will be automatically logged in, and when you are logged in there won’t be need to re-sign in again; but ones you log out from your account, you will be required to login again and this time you will be using your email address and password. So here is how to go about it below:

  1. go to
  2. click on sign in
  3. enter your username and password
  4. click on sign in.

Another thing that you will be learning now is how to download app; the app keeps you connected all time and you can receive mails using the app.

Features of Application 

  • send mails fast
  • receive mails without loggin in
  • get notification each time a mail is sent you
  • use app to login fast
  • app download is free
  • app is mobile friendly.

How to Download App

If you are using an android phone, you can download from the google play store. You can also download it from mobo market or other websites online. Note that the app is free, so download now.


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