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It’s nothing new that successful relationships are found in free online dating sites in the modern world. This has necessarily made it possible to find perfect matches on these dating sites. So, therefore, you shouldn’t be left out on this one if you feel that finding a suitable relationship for yourself continues to hit a stumbling block. The widely-spoken Match online dating site equally comes to this category and even tends to serve users well.

Match online dating site helps you to find serious relationships through a smart matching system. The site has some interesting features, one of which being that you can be able to stimulate a connection with other members and drive towards the best suitability for you. So all you need to know about the Match online dating site has been properly packaged for you.

Key Elements of the Match Online Dating Site

One thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that Match boasts about millions of members. By this development, it is definitely quite easier for your search because you’ll see and view a variety of profiles which you intend to choose from any of the matches provided for you.  Prior to the search, there are about four categorical options you’ll see on the site; (the Go search) which is based on your preferred partners which you filled out during the sign up, (the Custom search) which is based on certain characteristics you’re looking for, (the Reverse search) has to do with search results of people looking for your type of person, and (the Mutual search) which is based on people looking for your type of person and in the same vein has the desired characteristics you’re looking for.

If you want to conduct the matching process, you’ll see about two options (The All Matches option, and the Daily Matches option). When you go to the All Matches option, you’ll see the list of people that have the same compatible features which you submitted via the type of person you’re looking for. And again looking at the Daily Matches, you’ll see the list of some particular persons on that particular day.

The Sign-up process

  1. First, go to site @
  2. Then sign up by choosing a username and a password.
  3. After that, you’ll have to provide vital information about yourself.
  4. The next thing to do is to upload photos of you.
  5. You can now post your profile.

The Membership Pricing System

After your 7-day trial, subscription for your membership fee is about $35.99. For three months, you’ll be required to pay a fee ranging from $19.99 per month. Then as for six months, the cost fee is about $17.99 monthly fee.

Prior to the Value Plan options; for the three-month Value Plan fee, you’ll be charged a monthly cost fee of about $23.99, while that of a six-month Value Plan fee is about $19.99 per month.

Note: You have the option of a three-day free trial. Just be sure to cancel your subscription before the trial ends, or you’ll be billed for a subscription. You can still go to your Account Settings or call the customer support team if you want to cancel your subscription

App Download

To download the app on Android Play Store>>>

For iOS download on App Store>>>

Download via Microsoft Store>>>

If you’re using a Blackberry, use this link>>>

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