Methods to Cash-in with Free Android App

One thing users don’t know is the possibility to Cash-in With Free Android App. Although it is quite hard to guarantee this, the fact remains that Android phone users access apps most often nowadays which make the marketing pattern to be quite necessary.

The major means to promote your desktop software is, particularly through social media and advertising. This gives people the privilege to search for your app on the Google Play store, either by name or it might have the chance to rank high on Play store which will eventually give users the chance to view.

So, therefore, if you’re planning on building an App, or have an already established one(s), it is quite phenomenal in the sense that you can be able to make your payment from it. This site has packaged for you how you can get inspired and Cash-in With Free Android App.

Ways Which You can Cash-in With Free Android App

With just four ways listed below, you’re sure to be on top of the marketing pattern;

Through upgrades

Offering a lite version of your app freely offers users the chance to buy more expensive versions. To do so, you need to create like two apps (a free one and another one to charge for), then upgrade the one you charge from the free one. You can generate interest and audience with the free app, and then cash in on the popularity without having to market the app been paid for. If your app provides a service accessible via the web or another means, the addition of a ‘free’ app could add value for which you could even charge. You just don’t have to charge for the app download itself.


Sponsorship is quite more valuable than in-app advertising. So in case, you have this unique app that draws the attention of people, striking a deal with a sponsor is not quite a bad idea, because this sponsor will help you in other to get the message across your audience with just a swift process.

In-app advertising

This is one major way you can earn cash from android app. Networks like InMobi and Admob offers easy integration with apps which simply helps you to start receiving cash as quick as possible.

It is not profitable for you to try and cash-in on your app through YouTube channel or a blog because the pay you’ll get will be very little. So all you need do is to increase the number of users via your app.

In-app purchases

The major way of making money from free apps is by selling them. For instance, you can sell shortcuts or power-ups in most of the apps. But if you have an app that people like to use, it should be possible to persuade them to pay in order to use it more.

But one hindrance here is the case where you don’t have a payment system. So, therefore, you have to require some form of payment-holding company (Paypal for instance) in order to create a payment system.

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