Modells Credit Card Alternatives

So many credit card users keep asking questions like what is the best credit card? but the truth remains that, there is no one credit card that fits all financial problems. the truth is that the best credit card for you depends on your goals and needs at that particular moment. Give Modells credit card alternatives a try.

Many may say Credit karma is the best while some may even say Ally remains the best, and some others prefer Modell’s credit card, in the previous article we discussed how good model’s credit card is but that does not mean modells credit card is overall, that’s why we have taken out time to compile some modells credit card  alternatives.

Whats Modells Credit Card About?

Modell’s Credit Card is a credit card company that offers its Users monthly discount coupons which are Exclusive in-store events, special birthday coupons. You can also get the privilege of earning MVP points for every purchase you make at Modell’s.

Modells Credit Card Alternatives

  • Fortiva Credit Card
  • Legacy Credit Card
  • Reflex Credit Card
  • Target REDcard Credit Card
  • Living Spaces Credit card
  • Petal Visa Credit Card

Fortiva Credit Card

Fortiva Financial’s credit card is an unsecured Mastercard targeted designed for people with subprime credit. In other words, the card can be used at places where Mastercard is accepted. And this includes $0 fraud liability and an EMV chip to reduce the risk of counterfeit.

Legacy Credit Card

Legacy Visa Credit Card is a credit card that is offered by the First National Bank. Many credit card users who want a credit card are attracted to this particular one as it boasts so many benefits, such as payment protection plan and a simple online account management system and signing up for the premium membership program and this allows you to save money on a variety of things, such as entertainment, dining out, and even some prescription medicines.

Reflex Credit Card

The Reflex MasterCard is a credit card for those with poor credit score from Continental Finance and it is quite similar to their other cards in that you can either be approved for an unsecured or secured version, and some of its benefits is, Unlike secured credit cards, the Reflex Credit Card doesn’t require most of its users to put down a security deposit, so it’s a good option if you don’t have any extra cash to spare. But we strongly don’t advise people to go for Reflex credit cards due to their high-interest rates and charges.

Target REDcard Credit Card

Target REDcard happens to be a family of debit and credit store cards that often reward those loyal customers of Target with rewards of automatic discounts at checkout.

Many card users would prefer Target REDcard credit card due to their mouthwatering rewards such as; Welcoming their customers with a welcome package of Getting $50 off future qualifying purchase of $150 or more, rewarding their customers with rewards of 5% off purchases made at Target stores and, subject to certain restrictions and the best part of it all is that their annual fee is $0 and you must not have a good credit before partnering with them.

Living Spaces Credit card

Living spaces credit card is a card that can assist you If you want to buy furniture for your house, offices, living spaces credit card is a furniture finance credit card, which helps you to make purchases in an easy way without any inconveniences. and some of its benefits such as;

  1. If you have a Living spaces credit card they offer you the financing option of 18 months if you intend to make purchases of $2000 or even more than this amount. But if you cannot make a promotional payment in full in the first 18 months then you will have to pay the interest fee.
  2. When you get a Living spaces credit card they will offer you the financing option of 12 months if you will make purchases of $1000 or even more than this amount. But if you will not make a promotional payment in full in the first 12 months then you will have to pay the interest fee.

Petal Visa Credit Card

The Petal Visa Credit Card happens to be one of the best starter credit cards on the market. Petals credit card offers cash back rewards, it also considers customers with a low credit history and holds the potential for a low-interest rate compared to what you might get from other credit card companies, petals credit card is meant for building credit scores. And it doesn’t have added fees. Nevertheless, their interest rate could also be high, so you may be trapped in paying a huge interest in the end. So advise you go through their terms before going for the card.

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