More of the UBER Driver App With the latest Features

The UBER Technology Inc has set up a pursuit towards re-designing its Driver app. This is a way of showing full support towards the drivers as a means facilitating human growth in the nation building. This saying is because they have their own role to play in economic growth prior to being the centre of our service. No doubt that the journey is only beginning, so continue reading for more info on the UBER Driver app.

As about some few months past, the company has launched a variety of new features in order to shape the ideology of their drivers and improve their driving experience. This company decides to focus more on long-term approach other than the short term. That is why it took the bold step to develop what is known now to be the UBER Driver app. This app tends to help to put up a proper guideline to further help the drivers.

Going forward, they are determined to work and make driving a little easier and a little less stressful. To make sure all their drivers are not only heard but listened to. And to create inspiring products that set drivers up for success on every step of the way. Although giving that the first experience can be a bit intimidating. But irrespective of such, this company has set out to make things a little smoother with Driver App Basics, a comprehensive guide to getting started with UBER that will be available to drivers in the coming months.

No doubt that to redesign this app should be based on the want of their drivers, and this equally depends on what the drivers need in order to improve their individual states. The company decided to pick up the pace towards developing a well standard driving system, develop an app that will guide the drivers, and also be a mirror to their focus on the way forward. I’ll just have to go ahead and enlighten you on the UBER Driver’s app.

The New Features Attached to the UBER Driver App

These are just a few highlights from the features of the new Driver app, so just read below and feel the beauty of the new ideological business world.

  1. The New Earnings Tracker: This feature of the app helps the drivers to know their earnings at the end of the day. And it equally helps them to be able to determine their profit and loss after each and every end of a working period.
  2. The New Status Bar: With this feature, it is much easier for the drivers to navigate to the recommended area as it provides adequate real updates on the market conditions around the environment.
  3. The Notifications feature: With this one, the drivers can be able to see messages about upcoming earning opportunities, information about their account, and feedback from their riders.
  4. The Driver Profile: This gives the drivers the opportunity to showcase themselves, and allow riders to learn more about their driver and find new ways to connect.


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