Most Trending Nursing Schools in US – Top US Nursing Schools

Everyone wants to be the best in everything, but for you to be outstanding in whatever you do especially when it concerns people’s health you have to go to the best school with the most ranked tutors. So, that’s why we are here to brief you on the most trending nursing schools in the United States of America

These best nursing schools in U.S we have listed for you trends according to the rank in the United States University.

However, if you are in Canada, Britain, Nigeria, US or in any other country and wish to study nursing in any of the United States Nursing Universities, you have to check out these top rated nursing universities before applying.

Moreover, many students in various countries have tried so hard and severally to gain admission in United States but failed due to one reason or the other, but we have compiled a list of the most trending schools for international students wanting to study nursing and fulfill their life long educational dreams in the US.

Remember, if you are not a citizen of the United States of America and you want to study in any of these nursing schools you must have a valid international passport and all your traveling documents.

We know you are so eager to see those trending universities in the United States of America. So below are those nursing schools compiled for you;

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List of Most Trending Nursing Schools in US

  1. Duke University
  2. Emory university
  3. Viterbo University
  4. University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)
  5. University of Michigan
  6. Case Western Reserve
  7. Columbia University
  8. University of Alabama
  9. University of Maryland
  10. New York University
  11. University of Miami
  12. University of Pennysylvania
  13. Saint Louis University
  14. University of Portland
  15. Georgetown University
  16. Northeastern University
  17. John Hopkins University
  18. Brigham Young University
  19. University of Virginia
  20. University of Rochester
  21. Clemson university
  22. University of Wisconsin
  23. Boston College
  24. Azusa Pacific University
  25. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  26. Villanova University.

If you have been dreaming to be a nurse or you want to be pursue your career in nursing, its a perfect idea for you to take any of these mentioned schools above into consideration, you wont regret it.

Am glad that you are informed about the best nursing schools in this page but don’t forget to rate this guide using the comment box below.


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