Netify VPN Apk Download For Free Browsing

In This post we will be giving you all the information you’ll be needing about the Netify VPN Apk Download for free browsing on Androids and also it’s amazing features and what it offers to prospective users.

Netify VPN is simply a modded Psiphon Handler with new personalized features which allows you appear anonymous online as well as unlock the doors of free browsing on many networks.

This app can be downloaded just like you get to download other apps on your android phones.

Once you download and install Netify VPN on your Android phone, your journey to free browsing has just started.

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Features Of Netify VPN App

This App comes with amazing features which will make you fall in love with it an make it your best Free Browsing App

  1. Completely redesigned with new interface (the layout) graphics
  2. There is no connection key on the notifications bar
  3. The default handler settings with new user interface
  4. No, add or remove region or countries option. (Yet working Fine)

Netify Vpn App handler is small and easy to use VPN app and can be used to access free internet in Airtel, mtn, 9mobile and glo networks.

Netify App Details

The Apps Details are thus below:

  • Name: Netify VPN
  • Developer: Unknown
  • App Size: 4.9mb
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 and above
  • Downloads: 1,511,935+
  • Update: June 13, 2018
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Price: Free

Netify VPN Free Browsing Settings With Airtel

Below are the settings for Netify VPN Free Browsing settings while you’re using Airtel.

  1. Download the Netify Vpn Apk
  2. Install and Open Netify Vpn
  3. Netify Vpn will appear as Pisphon handler
  4. Tick on Remove Port
  5. Enable Proxy Type: Real Host
  6. Set custom header: X-online-Host
  7. enter Proxy server as:
  8. Save your settings
  9. Wait for Netify free browsing Vpn to connect

Within few seconds you will get connected to the internet and now you can download and surf unlimited through this VPN app.

Where to Download Netify VPN Apk

You can Download VPN app Here

We hope this post was of great help to you and you are able to learn How To Download Netify VPN Apk On Both Android And PC but in case you encounter difficulties while you’re downloading or using the Netify VPN Apk then Kindly use our comment section below for more inquires…


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