New Tecno F1 and F2 Full Specifications

No doubt that Tecno has massively developed into one of the leading Smartphone producers. The company is quite improving into its production of new Smartphones, tending to beat-off competitions from its major competitors (Samsung, Infinix, Nokia, Lenovo, etc.) and now the mobile company has come again with its production of Tecno F-series (F1 and F2). Everything you need to know about the new Tecno F1 and F2 coupled with their specifications.

Both Teno Phones support a dual Micro SIM-card and equally have an outstanding 8GB internal storage. The two phones also possess a big screen with an outstanding camera and cool design. Both have a 2 Megapixel front-camera and also a front flash, while the back camera is a 5 Megapixel with a double flash on them.

Having had a taste of the Tecno k-series with some unique features associated with it, the f-series is quite an upgrade to the previous with a suitable price tag for its purchase. You surely have different kinds of unique colours of your choice to choose from. Read below and see more about the new Tecno F1 and F2 with its specifications.

Features of the New Tecno F1 and F2

The features of both the f-series phones have been outlined below.

Tecno F1 Specs SpecificationsAbout the Tecno F1 Specifications

Here are a few features of the Tecno F1:

  1. The Tecno F1 is a 5.0-inch Smartphone screen.
  2. The 8.0 Android version makes it eligible to have access to the new Google Go and the YouTube Go.
  3. You will enjoy a sharp camera because it has a 5 Megapixel back camera and a 2 Megapixel sharp front camera.
  4. Its internal storage is 8GB, a 512MB RAM, and a supported SD card of about 16GB
  5. It has a strong Li-ion removable battery capacity of about 2,000m Ah.
  6. With a 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and Wi-Fi networks, it’s quite a great deal for internet access.
  7. Also with the new Smartphone development, Tecno F1 now has an all-around dual Micro SIM-card unlike the previous Tecno products apart from the K-series.

Note: You can get the new Tecno F1 in Jumia at an affordable price.

Tecno F2 SpecificationsTecno F2 Specifications

Features of the new Tecno F2 have some few upgrades to that of F1. See below:

  1. Just like the Tecno F1, Tecno F2 equally has a 5.0-inch Smartphone screen.
  2. It has an Android version of 7.0 Nougat.
  3. Tecno F2 also boasts of an 8GB internal storage, a 1GB RAM, and a supported 32GB SD card storage.
  4. In terms of internet connectivity, be sure to enjoy both a 2G GSM network, 3G WCDMA, EDGE, and a Wi-Fi network.
  5. If you’re the kind that loves to take selfies, this one is just a shot for you. This is because its front camera is about 2 Megapixel with a flashlight just like that of Tecno F1, and equally a 5 Megapixel back camera with double flashlight.
  6. Its battery capacity is equally somewhat 2000m Ah.
  7. Just like that of F1, F2 equally has a dual Micro SIM-card.

Note: For your purchase, you can get your own at any online store.

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