Nigeria Yahoo Mail Sign up | Create+234 Yahoomail Account

I will like to show you how to do yahoo sign up Nigera; that is, creating a yahoo account that has +234 code; this is not different from the one you have already and it doesn’t have a special service than the one you have; it’s just the same. However if you have not created a yahoo mail account before, then this will be an opportunity for you to do so.

YAHOO is no doubt one of the oldest and most efficient mailing service provider; it has many efficient features which every account holder tends to enjoy; among these features are: news, personal  email account,  chat room; free app, unlimited storage space and so on.

To get started on Yahoo, you will have to sign up account and in signing up an account you will need to get a user name or ID and a password, then after you will create an account.

Further more; doing Nigerian yahoo mail sign up, simply requires the things listed above plus your country code; if you don’t know your country code, then you can simply click on your country and then your code will appear along with it. Anyway the steps will detail you more.

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Nigeria Yahoo Mail Sign up

Here is how to get started:

  1. open your browser and log on to
  2. click o sign up
  3. a form will be shown to you; enter your names
  4. enter your user ID and formulate a password
  5. click on the small arrow pointing downwards and then select Nigerian code which is +234
  6. enter your mobile phone number after that
  7. select your birth date and gender and click on Continue
  8. verify your registration after that.

Now, with this steps, you will be creating a yahoo mail account for yourself. Please remember that you don’t need to make any payment for creating a yahoo account; yahoo mail account is free and has always been.

YahooMail Nigeria Login

Try using this steps to sign in all the time:

  1. log on to
  2. enter your email address
  3. enter your password and click on sign in

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Nigerian Yahoo Messenger Download 

With your Nigerian yahoo mail account you can download a messenger for it:

  1. go to any app store
  2. use the search icon to locate yahoo messenger fast
  3. select and click on download to get app
  4. install app on your device and connect to enjoy.

Yahoo Messenger is not specifically made for any country; the messenger is just an app that keeps you logged into your account. The app is free for download and it’s mobile and user friendly.


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